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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6896-v1 SpackDev: Multi-Package Development with Spack (CHEP 2019 presentation) James Amundson et al. Neutrino Program
31 Oct 2019
6170-v1 High Energy Physics Data Science Toolkit Development Chris Green et al. High Performance Computing
11 Sep 2017
5657-v1 Not just text: using Micron's Automata Processor in particle physics research Chris Green Experiment/Scientific Program
Physics Applications
23 Dec 2015
5380-v1 Requirements for Software Product Building and Management Lynn Garren et al. Neutrino Program
28 Oct 2014
5216-v1 CHEP 2013 - artdaq Kurt Biery et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Oct 2013
4943-v1 Development tools for art Chris Green Collaboration Tools
Neutrino Program
28 Nov 2012
4950-v1 High-speed Decision Making on Live Petabyte Data Streams Poster Kurt Biery et al. High Performance Computing
Communications & Outreach
12 Nov 2012
4479-v2 CHEP 2012: The art framework Walter Brown et al. R & D
22 Jun 2012
3865-v1 Gratia: New Challenges in Grid Accounting. Philippe Canal et al. OSG
22 Sep 2011
3598-v1 Gratia University Collector Hardware Specifications Keith Chadwick et al. OSG
11 Feb 2010
3326-v4 FY10 Open Science Grid at Fermilab Tactical Plan Mine Altunay et al. FY2010 Tactical Plans
02 Oct 2009
3002-v0 Gratia: Interpreting Grid Usage Data In a Shared Environment. Philippe Canal et al. Grid
12 Nov 2008
2943-v1 Pilot Job Accounting and Auditing in Open Science Grid - - et al. OSG
07 Oct 2008
2070-v1 GRATIA, a resource accounting system for OSG Philippe Canal et al. OSG
09 Jan 2008
1400-v2 MiniBoone Offline Stephen Brice et al. Department Infrastructure
10 Nov 2006

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