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Tim Currie of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4668-v1 Records Management for Service Support Tim Currie Policies and Procedures
CS Office & Governance
Document Management
23 Feb 2012
4629-v1 Service Now Implementation Documentation Tim Currie et al. Service Desk
Major Application
19 Jan 2012
4338-v1 FNAL Service Catalog Tim Currie et al. Service Catalog
22 May 2011
4481-v1 Service-Now On-Call Rotation & Escalation Training Tim Currie Training Materials
11 Jan 2012
4363-v1 ISO 20K---Word from the Front Lines Tim Currie ITIL Processes and Functions
Education and Outreach
29 Jun 2011
4234-v1 FTL - Kronos Lessons Learned Tim Currie FTL Documentation
16 Feb 2011
4228-v1 WDRS Town Hall Presentation February 2011 - - et al. Windows Desktop Support
Service Level Management
08 Feb 2011
4227-v1 TD TownHall January 2011 Tim Currie et al. Windows Desktop Support
Service Level Management
08 Feb 2011
4144-v1 Enforcing the Incident Process Flow Tim Currie Service Desk
Incident Management
26 Oct 2010
3975-v1 FTL Service Support Tim Currie et al. Service Desk
17 Jun 2010

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