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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6905-v1 Geant Exascale/GPU Pilot Project Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
01 Nov 2019
5854-v3 CHEP 2016: White Papers Philippe Canal et al. Dist Computing Applications
01 Nov 2016
5711-v0 ROOT and new programming paradigms Philippe Canal None
11 Apr 2016
5561-v1 CHEP 2015 Highlights Philippe Canal et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
21 May 2015
5443-v2 Detector Simulation On Modern Coprocessors. Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
22 Oct 2014
5442-v1 ROOT 6 and beyond: TObject, C++14 and many cores. Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
17 Oct 2014
5229-v1 Future Directions For Software Tools Philippe Canal Simulation
High Performance Computing
Physics Applications
22 Oct 2013
5138-v2 Geant4 R&D Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
29 May 2013
4603-v1 Improvements in ROOT I/O Philippe Canal High Performance Computing
Event Data Model
21 Jun 2012
4570-v1 MOU between FNAL CD and Nebraska RCF for Support of Gratia Eileen Berman et al. External MOUs
01 Dec 2011
3865-v1 Gratia: New Challenges in Grid Accounting. Philippe Canal et al. OSG
22 Sep 2011
3866-v1 ROOT I/O: The Fast and Furious. Philippe Canal Event Data Model
22 Sep 2011
3206-v3 GRID Tactical Plan Status Report Mine Altunay et al. OSG
11 May 2009
2993-v0 ROOT: Support For Significant Evolutions of the User Data Model Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
Event Data Model
12 Nov 2008
3002-v0 Gratia: Interpreting Grid Usage Data In a Shared Environment. Philippe Canal et al. Grid
12 Nov 2008
2794-v7 FY09 Tactical Plan for Grid Services Eileen Berman et al. FY2009 Tactical Plans
24 Sep 2008
2755-v1 GRATIA INTERNAL ASSESSMENT RECOMMENDATIONS PRESENTATION Philippe Canal et al. Computing Infrastructure
02 Jul 2008
2611-v4 Gratia: Process Accounting Requirements – Draft Philippe Canal et al. Farms
11 Mar 2008
2103-v1 Improvements in ROOT I/O's Functionality and Performance Philippe Canal et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
09 Jan 2008
2070-v1 GRATIA, a resource accounting system for OSG Philippe Canal et al. OSG
09 Jan 2008
2016-v2 FermiGrid submission to Teragrid 07 Dan Yocum et al. FermiGrid
03 Jan 2008
2354-v1 Short Gratia Status Part 2 Philippe Canal Grid
17 Jul 2007
2281-v0 ROOT Status and Future Developments Rene Brun et al. Shared Systems and Services
27 Jun 2007
2193-v0 An Electronic Logbook for the HEP Control Room Philippe Canal et al. Collaboration Tools
14 Jun 2007
2186-v0 ROOT at Run II Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Jun 2007
1292-v5 OSG Accounting (Gratia) Philippe Canal OSG
01 May 2007
1937-v2 Grid Accounting - Gratia Philippe Canal Grid
21 Nov 2006
366-v1 Recent trends in visualization software for HEP and related fields Joe Boudreau et al. Visualisation and VR
15 Nov 2006
1659-v1 Root Philippe Canal Physics Applications
08 Aug 2006
746-v2 ROOT Philippe Canal Physics Applications
18 Apr 2006
1376-v2 The Phystat Physics Statistics Software Repository Philippe Canal et al. Physics Applications
17 Apr 2006
849-v1 Grid Accounting Project Definition Philippe Canal Grid
27 May 2005
767-v1 Grid Accounting Philippe Canal Grid
11 Apr 2005
743-v0 Collaboration Tools & Physics Applications Philippe Canal None
30 Mar 2005
724-v1 A Case For Reflection Walter Brown et al. Physics Applications
21 Mar 2005
502-v5 Recent Developments in the ROOT I/O System Rene Brun et al. None
20 Jan 2005
327-v1 CEPA Reports Philippe Canal None
30 Jun 2004
204-v1 ROOT Philippe Canal Physics Applications
09 Jun 2004

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