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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4047-v1 Capacity Management Policy, Process & Procedures Document Ray Pasetes Capacity Management
01 Jun 2011
5425-v1 Project Management Plan for the CDF, D0 CD Joint Run II Offline Computing Project Elizabeth Buckley-Geer et al. US-CMS User Facilities
25 Sep 2014
5299-v2 Computing Sector All Hands Meeting Slides, January 30, 2014 Vicky White CS Office & Governance
07 Feb 2014
5163-v1 Computing Sector All Hands, July 10, 2013 Vicky White CS Office & Governance
12 Jul 2013
3128-v3 FTL Operational Readiness Review Jason Allen et al. Readiness Reviews
25 Mar 2009
5029-v1 2012 Network Task Force Report - Final Jon Bakken et al. Networks
26 Feb 2013
4672-v1 Opening session Speech - update from US Vicky White OSG
03 Apr 2012
4598-v1 GCC Cooling - Problems and Recommendations Jon Bakken et al. Computing Facilities Ops
07 Jan 2012
4570-v1 MOU between FNAL CD and Nebraska RCF for Support of Gratia Eileen Berman et al. External MOUs
01 Dec 2011
4296-v1 Nebraska Supercomputing Symposium Talk Vicky White Scientific Computing Facilities
11 Apr 2011
3927-v1 FTL Monthly Employee Announcement Vicky White Administration
19 May 2010
3581-v1 Identity Management/Peoplesoft Kickoff Meeting Slides Vicky White Human Resources
19 Jan 2010
3509-v1 FY10 Budget Presentation to the Directorate Vicky White Budget and Financial Support
02 Nov 2009
3204-v1 CD/LSC/MIS Transition Planning Mark Kaletka et al. CS Office & Governance
Information Management
Shared Systems and Services
29 Apr 2009
3177-v3 FRA 2009 Visiting Committee Presentation on Computing Strategy Vicky White Reviews
11 Apr 2009
2555-v1 ES&H Plan for Computing Division for FY2007 Vicky White Sector Safety Plans
03 Mar 2009
681-v1 Environment, Safety and Health Plan for Computing Division for FY05 Vicky White Sector Safety Plans
03 Mar 2009
2554-v1 ES&H Plan for Computing Division for FY2006 Vicky White Sector Safety Plans
03 Mar 2009
2553-v1 ES&H Plan for Computing Division for 2008 Vicky White Sector Safety Plans
03 Mar 2009
1651-v1 Distributed Data Access and Resource Management in the D0 SAM System Lauri Loebel Carpenter et al. High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
16 Dec 2008
2784-v1 Computing Division Strategic Plan FY09 Vicky White FY2009 Strategic Plans
30 Jul 2008
2769-v1 Fermilab Comments on Draft IG Report on "Management of Data Centers at Contractor sites" Vicky White Computer Security
16 Jul 2008
2668-v1 FRA Review 2008 - Advanced Computing Vicky White High Performance Computing
01 May 2008
1097-v1 Overview of RunII Computing Vicky White CS Office & Governance
17 Aug 2007
1172-v1 Division Infrastructure and Planning Vicky White Department Infrastructure
17 Aug 2007
2284-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for the Computing Division Vicky White Strategic Plans
27 Jun 2007
788-v0 Open Science Grid and Interoperability Vicky White None
18 Apr 2005
2303-v1 White Papers to Great Lakes Consortium Workshop - December 2006 Jim Kowalkowski et al. High Performance Computing
05 Jan 2007
1695-v1 Fermilab Petascale Computing and Computation Activities Don Petravick et al. Computing Infrastructure
05 Sep 2006
1241-v1 20040205 - Statement on Facility Infrastructure Vicky White Computer Facility Support
01 Nov 2005
1166-v1 Tevatron Computing and IT Overview Vicky White Reviews
17 Oct 2005
999-v2 Run II Computing Overview Vicky White None
13 Sep 2005
886-v1 Task force to consider commodity node procurement process Vicky White Node Procurement Task Force
09 Sep 2005
422-v0 Report on Storage System issues from European trip Vicky White None
26 Jul 2004

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