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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4313-v26 FNAL Video Conferencing - Service Docs Sheila Cisko et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
Service Continuity
ISO Service
08 May 2020
4311-v29 FNAL Networked Storage Hosting - Service Docs Ray Pasetes et al. Service Level Management
Service Continuity
ISO Service
01 May 2020
4321-v24 FNAL Central Web Hosting - Service Docs Peter Rzeminski II Service Level Management
Service Continuity
ISO Service
Capacity Management
20 Mar 2020
1186-v16 Policy On Computing Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
02 Jan 2020
4042-v15 FNAL Foundation Service Level Agreements Robert Kennedy et al. Service Level Management
23 Aug 2019
2336-v16 Fermilab Remote Access Policy Ron Cudzewicz et al. Policies and Procedures
16 Jul 2019
5644-v8 Security guidelines for Intensity Frontier (IF) experiments production Jeny Teheran Computer Security
14 Oct 2016
5286-v0 Business Application Domain documents Kevin Conway et al. General Computing Enclave
21 Jan 2014
4807-v2 Policy Prohibiting Web Server Directory Listing Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
14 Jan 2015
3255-v4 NSF Proposal Preparation Guidelines Jim Weichel Grants & Federal Funding Projects
Project Management
27 Apr 2010
4650-v4 FermiGrid and FermiCloud Update Keith Chadwick Shared Systems and Services
29 Jun 2012
4660-v1 OSG Identity Management Roadmap Mine Altunay High Performance Computing
15 Feb 2012
788-v0 Open Science Grid and Interoperability Vicky White None
18 Apr 2005
912-v0 Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement Tod Tompkins None
19 Jul 2005
908-v0 New FISMA Reporting – Impacts on Scoring – Part A John Abeles et al. None
19 Jul 2005
910-v0 Optional Topics John Abeles et al. None
19 Jul 2005

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