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These documents on Strategic Plans (subtopic of FY2008) are available:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2549-v1 CD Strategic Plan Final - - Strategic Plans
17 Dec 2007
2538-v1 ES&H Strategic Plan Amy Pavnica Strategic Plans
06 Dec 2007
2501-v1 FY08 VC Strategic Plan Sheila Cisko Strategic Plans
07 Nov 2007
2214-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for Linear Collider Stephen Wolbers Strategic Plans
06 Nov 2007
2210-v2 FY08 Strategic Plan for Experimental Astrophysics Stephen Kent Strategic Plans
03 Jul 2007
2286-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for Core Networking Mark Leininger Strategic Plans
03 Jul 2007
2236-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan Networks Matt Crawford et al. Strategic Plans
21 Jun 2007
2284-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for the Computing Division Vicky White Strategic Plans
27 Jun 2007
2215-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for Simulations and Physics Tools Stephen Wolbers Strategic Plans
21 Jun 2007
2212-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for Central Services Mark Kaletka Strategic Plans
20 Jun 2007

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