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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3008-v8 Tape Library Entry Procedure Jonathan Ylinen Procedures
14 Oct 2019
5194-v2 Policy on Retrieving Items from Excess Irwin Gaines Procedures
25 Sep 2019
5195-v3 Policy on Printers, Copiers and Other Imaging Devices Irwin Gaines Procedures
23 Jul 2019
628-v37 Procedures for Performing Work in CD Computer Rooms Amy Pavnica et al. Procedures
Computer Facility Support
04 Sep 2018
4645-v7 Procedures for Performing Work in CD Computer Rooms for Contractors Adam Walters Procedures
Computer Facility Support
01 Mar 2018
3808-v2 Controlled Procedures Amy Pavnica Procedures
08 Sep 2016
5325-v1 Project Management Lite Guidelines Steve Jones Procedures
25 Mar 2014

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