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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5611-v14 Documents for Fermilab-KISTI CRADA FRA-2015-0001 KISTI-C15005 Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
03 Nov 2015
5022-v1 Writing a CRADA with KISTI: Lessons Learned Gabriele Garzoglio FermiCloud
15 Jun 2016
5640-v1 Fermilab HEP Cloud Facility: Data Intensive Computing On the Cloud Steven Timm FermiCloud
28 Oct 2015
5428-v19 Documents for Fermilab-KISTI CRADA FRA 2014-0002 KISTI-C14014 Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiCloud
22 Oct 2014
5592-v1 Fermilab HEP Cloud Facility Project: The NOvA Educational Grant with Amazon Gabriele Garzoglio Scientific Computing Facilities
24 Aug 2015
5433-v1 Cloud services for the Fermilab scientific stakeholders Gerard B Altayo et al. FermiCloud
08 May 2015
5493-v1 Overhead-Aware-Best-Fit(OABF) Resource Allocation Algorithm for Minimizing VM Launching Overhead Hao Wu FermiCloud
18 Dec 2014
5488-v1 On-demand Computing for Scientific Workflows using Amazon Web Services Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiCloud
15 Dec 2014
5470-v1 Enabling On-Demand Scientific Workflows on a Federated Cloud Steven Timm FermiCloud
06 Nov 2014
5437-v0 Dark Energy Survey computing on FermiGrid Marko Slyz et al. FermiGrid
16 Oct 2014
5319-v3 Build Service Project Requirements Steve Jones DAQ
Data Movement and Storage
Minor Application
Muon g-2
Neutrino Program
Major Application
Muon Program
22 Jul 2014
5364-v1 A Reference Model For Virtual Machine Launching Overhead Gerard Bernabeu et al. FermiCloud
02 Jun 2014
5353-v1 FermiCloud On-Demand Services-Data Intensive Computing on Public and Private Clouds Steven Timm FermiCloud
21 May 2014
5329-v1 ISGC 2014: On-demand Services for the Scientific Program at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio FermiCloud
26 Mar 2014
5226-v1 Infiniband on FermiCloud Measurements and Installations Gerard Bernabeu et al. FermiCloud
17 Oct 2013
5203-v2 Enabling Scientific Workflows on FermiCloud using OpenNebula Steven Timm FermiCloud
25 Sep 2013
5202-v1 High Throughput & Resilient Fabric Deployments on FermiCloud Steven Timm FermiCloud
24 Sep 2013
5025-v1 100G R&D for Big Data at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Networks
R & D
23 Sep 2013
5089-v1 FermiCloud: Enabling Scientific Workflows with Federation and Interoperability Steven Timm FermiCloud
03 Apr 2013
5054-v1 OSG AHM 2013 - 100Gbits/s R&D at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Grid
14 Mar 2013
5004-v11 FermiCloud Review Slides Keith Chadwick et al. FermiCloud
04 Feb 2013
3302-v9 FermiCloud Testing and Development Platform Project Plan Steven Timm FermiCloud
02 Nov 2012
4939-v1 Steve Timm talks at HEPIX (Condor, FermiCloud, Site Report) Steven Timm Scientific Computing Facilities
25 Oct 2012
4928-v1 FermiCloud X.509 Authorization Steven Timm FermiCloud
09 Oct 2012
4925-v1 Idle Virtual Machine detection for FermiCloud Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiCloud
03 Oct 2012
4809-v1 Siyuan Ma Technical Report Summer 2012 Unknown FermiCloud
08 Aug 2012
4797-v1 Tech Discussion: Potential Value of "virtualized MPI" results from GCC Keith Chadwick Scientific Computing Facilities
25 Jul 2012
4455-v5 Investigation of Storage Systems for use in Grid Applications Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
19 Jul 2012
4495-v3 CHEP 2012 FermiCloud Steven Timm FermiCloud
15 May 2012
4672-v1 Opening session Speech - update from US Vicky White OSG
03 Apr 2012
4658-v1 Intensity Frontier Services on FermiCloud Steven Timm Scientific Computing Facilities
Neutrino Program
15 Feb 2012
4593-v1 REX virtualization needs Joe Boyd Run2
Neutrino Program
03 Jan 2012
4580-v1 Open Nebula Accounting and Gratia Tanya Levshina et al. FermiCloud
13 Dec 2011
4396-v1 FermiCloud: Enabling Scientific Computing with Integrated Private Cloud Infrastructure Keith Chadwick et al. FermiCloud
27 Jul 2011
4395-v1 Towards a Uniform X.509 Standard for Cloud Authorization Ted Hesselroth et al. FermiCloud
27 Jul 2011
4293-v1 Virtualization and Cloud Computing at Fermilab Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
16 Jun 2011

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