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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6854-v1 Understanding the evolution of conditions data access through Frontier for the ATLAS Experiment Dave Dykstra et al. Databases
17 Sep 2019
5483-v1 Sam User Guide Robert Illingworth et al. Data Movement and Storage
Scientific Computing Facilities
01 Dec 2014
5071-v1 CORAL and COOL during the LHC long shutdown Dave Dykstra et al. Databases
04 Nov 2013
4510-v3 Electronic Collaboration Logbook Suzanne Gysin et al. Neutrino Program
Collaboration Tools
28 Oct 2011
3156-v1 Using Django with Oracle Marc Mengel Databases
19 Mar 2009
3003-v1 Network Information and Management Infrastructure (NIMI) Igor Mandrichenko Networks
Network Monitoring
Computer Security
12 Nov 2008
1101-v1 RunII Databases Lee Lueking Run2
17 Aug 2007
1100-v1 DataBase Infrastructure & Applications Nelly Stanfield Databases
17 Aug 2007
2289-v1 FY08 Tactical Plan for Scientific Database Applications Igor Mandrichenko Tactical Plans
28 Jun 2007
2033-v1 Databases Julie Trumbo Databases
27 Feb 2007
1708-v1 Databases Julie Trumbo Databases
Department Infrastructure
02 Nov 2006
1533-v0 Future Options for Replacement of Disk Arrays for Database Systems Ray Pasetes et al. None
25 May 2006
1532-v3 Report of Experiment Databases, including Oracle, Freeware, MS SqlServer Julie Trumbo Databases
30 May 2006
1302-v1 CHEP06 abstract - Network Information and Monitoring Infrastructure (NIMI) Igor Mandrichenko Databases
Network Monitoring
Computer Security
07 Mar 2006
804-v1 Database Project Report, March 2005 Julie Trumbo Databases
04 Aug 2005
901-v1 Remedy Oracle Systems Design Note Matt Arena et al. Databases
30 Jun 2005
199-v1 Databases Julie Trumbo Databases
23 Jul 2004
283-v1 MINOS Oracle Integration Dennis Box Databases
23 Jul 2004
175-v1 Database Software Infrastructure Projects Report Lee Lueking Databases
22 Jul 2004
415-v1 Freeware Replication Julie Trumbo Databases
22 Jul 2004
297-v1 Database Monitoring Lee Lueking Databases
13 Jul 2004
405-v1 Detector Databases for CMS Lee Lueking Databases
12 Jul 2004
400-v1 DAN Lee Lueking Databases
12 Jul 2004
288-v2 CDF Offline Hardware Replacement Nelly Stanfield et al. CDF Run2
09 Jul 2004
309-v1 DAN Stephen White Databases
25 Jun 2004
298-v1 Databases Julie Trumbo Databases
24 Jun 2004
132-v1 Blast Dennis Box Databases
10 Jun 2004
149-v1 CDF Offline Software Infrastructure Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy Databases
10 Jun 2004

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