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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
7045-v1 FIFE user activity mitigation policy Kenneth R Herner FIFE
25 Jun 2020
6763-v1 Use of the dCache Resilient Pool in Grid Jobs (uboone) Shreyas Bhat FIFE
15 May 2019
6757-v1 Use of the dCache Resilient Pool in Grid Jobs (DUNE) Shreyas Bhat FIFE
15 May 2019
6495-v2 FERRY: Access Control and Quota Management Service Mine Altunay et al. FIFE
04 Dec 2018
5754-v4 Landscape Program Requirements and Architecture Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
09 Dec 2016
5881-v1 FIFE Batch System Analytics with Kibana Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
06 Dec 2016
5879-v1 Monitoring Large-Scale Scientific Computing with Grafana Kevin M. Retzke Education and Outreach
02 Dec 2016
5819-v1 The FIFE Project at Fermilab: Computing for Experiments Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
11 Aug 2016
5756-v2 Fifemon User Guide Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
21 Jun 2016
5755-v1 DOE Operations Review (May 2016) - Enabling Computing of Fermilab’s Experiments (FIFE) Michael H Kirby High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
Fermilab Operations Review
23 May 2016
5757-v1 Comprehensive Grid and Job Monitoring with Fifemon Kevin M. Retzke FIFE
19 May 2016
5705-v1 Offline Production Operations Service (OPOS) Ramp Down Plan Tanya Levshina et al. FIFE
30 Mar 2016
5646-v2 “SAM for Users” Review Mine Altunay et al. FIFE
28 Dec 2015
5618-v1 OPOS: Towards a Common Production Service for Neutrino Experiments at Fermilab Paola Buitrago FIFE
01 Oct 2015
5587-v2 Scientific Computing Grid Monitoring and Accounting Program Tanya Levshina FIFE
07 Aug 2015
5562-v4 Project Requirements -- Production Operations Management Service Paola Buitrago et al. Computing Infrastructure
Scientific Computing Facilities
01 Jul 2015
5432-v3 Progress on the Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby High Performance Computing
14 May 2015
5522-v15 Fermigrid Bluearc Unmount Task Force Report - Avoiding direct User access to Bluearc Data on Fermigrid Art Kreymer et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
29 Apr 2015
5394-v1 Build Service Lessons Learned Steve Jones MINERvA
Scientific Computing Facilities
Muon g-2
Neutrino Program
Muon Program
22 Jul 2014
5385-v1 Web Based Database Applications Architecture Dave Dykstra et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
25 Jun 2014
5330-v1 Study of NOVA GENIE jobs on CVMFS impact on Squids Dave Dykstra FIFE
31 Mar 2014
5328-v1 ISGC 2014: FabrIc for Frontier Experiments at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio FIFE
26 Mar 2014

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