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These documents on Liquid Argon Software (subtopic of Neutrino Program) are available:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5947-v1 Proposal for LArSoft presentation at Grace Hopper Conference 2017 Saba Sehrish et al. LArSoft
Education and Outreach
10 Mar 2017
5835-v2 Outline: Kalman Filter as a Final Fitter for LArSoft Rob Kutschke LArSoft
23 Aug 2016
5765-v3 Recommendations for the LArSoft code analysis process Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5766-v2 Report from the Pattern Matching Algorithnm code analysis Christopher D. Jones et al. LArSoft
01 Jul 2016
5769-v1 Peer Review: It's Not Just for Physics Anymore Rob Kutschke LArSoft
23 Jun 2016
5722-v1 LArSoft: architecture, development model. Gianluca Petrillo et al. LArSoft
18 Apr 2016
5708-v1 Report from a Preliminary Investigation into LArSoft Performance Rob Kutschke LArSoft
01 Apr 2016
5642-v1 Introduction to LArSoft Erica Snider LArSoft
29 Oct 2015

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