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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5721-v1 Configuration validation in art Kyle Knoepfel Experiment/Scientific Program
R & D
18 Apr 2016
5717-v1 Using Docker in HEP Jim Kowalkowski et al. R & D
18 Apr 2016
5025-v1 100G R&D for Big Data at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Networks
R & D
23 Sep 2013
4988-v1 TIP 2013 - 100G R&D at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio R & D
18 Jan 2013
4479-v2 CHEP 2012: The art framework Walter Brown et al. R & D
22 Jun 2012
4013-v1 An Evaluation of Parallel Optimization for OpenSolaris Network Stack Wenji Wu et al. High Performance Computing
R & D
21 Jul 2010
3193-v1 Application by Fermilab to Join the Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship Program as a Practicum Site Ruth Pordes R & D
07 May 2009
3194-v1 CSGF Practicum Advisors Guide Ruth Pordes R & D
24 Apr 2009
1968-v2 The Performance Analysis of Linux Networking - Packet Receiving Wenji Wu et al. High Performance Computing
R & D
02 Aug 2007
1636-v1 ILC Activities in CD - Introduction and Overview Patricia McBride High Performance Computing
International Linear Collider
R & D
10 Nov 2006
1590-v1 ESE PCI Test Adapter - PTA John Chramowicz et al. High Performance Computing
R & D
19 Oct 2006
1698-v2 ESE Project Status Report - 9/12/2006 Guilherme Cardoso Equipment Handling and Repair
Engineering Support
R & D
12 Sep 2006
1688-v1 IPv6 Node Information Queries Matt Crawford Networks
R & D
31 Aug 2006
1282-v1 The hep_random C++ Library: Design, Experience, and Plans Walter Brown et al. R & D
28 Nov 2005
1277-v1 An Overview of Packaging and Characterization Results of Pixel Multichip Modules at Fermilab Guilherme Cardoso Video & Desktop Conferencing Support
R & D
19 Nov 2005
213-v1 SNAP Electronics R&D Gustavo Cancelo Astrophysics
R & D
29 Oct 2005
134-v1 BTeV DAQ Margaret Votava R & D
09 Jun 2004

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