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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4766-v1 ServiceNow Knowledge 12 Overview Michael J Baker ITIL Processes and Functions
CCD Briefings
Customer Services
20 Jun 2012
4138-v1 You Make IT Happen Award Jack Schmidt Customer Services
21 Oct 2010
4137-v1 SOS Dept Meeting Oct 2010 Jack Schmidt Customer Services
21 Oct 2010
1948-v1 Core Services & Infrastructure Department Design Note Jack Schmidt Customer Services
14 Jul 2010
2362-v3 CSI/Helpdesk Status Report Jack Schmidt et al. Customer Services
07 Apr 2009
2147-v1 New Lab Online Telephone Directory Mark Kaletka Shared Systems and Services
Information Management
Customer Services
10 May 2007
1559-v2 Reducing REX department effort within the GDM area Glenn Cooper et al. High Performance Computing
Customer Services
10 Nov 2006
1561-v1 Helpdesk Activity Status Rick Thies Customer Services
31 May 2006
1560-v1 Windows Desktop Adminstration Andy Lego et al. Customer Services
31 May 2006
1526-v2 Computer Facility Support Gerry Bellendir Customer Services
23 May 2006
873-v1 CSG Desktop Support Projects FY2005 through Spring 2005 Andy Lego Customer Services
04 Aug 2005
178-v1 Helpdesk Upgrades Rich Thompson Customer Services
08 Jun 2004

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