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These documents on Farms (subtopic of Shared Systems and Services) are available:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2611-v4 Gratia: Process Accounting Requirements – Draft Philippe Canal et al. Farms
11 Mar 2008
2270-v0 Understanding and Coping with Hardware and Jim Kowalkowski Farms
27 Jun 2007
2192-v0 The CDF Run 2 Offline Computer Farms Troy Dawson et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
14 Jun 2007
2189-v0 FBSNG - Batch System for Farm Architecture Jim Fromm et al. Farms
14 Jun 2007
1363-v1 Production Farm - SAM v7 upgrade, operational status and plans Pasha Murat SAMGrid
19 Oct 2006
409-v1 Fermi Linux Server Vendor Qualification Steven Timm Farms
13 Jul 2004
398-v1 Central Computing Facility Don Petravick Computer Facility Support
12 Jul 2004

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