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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2761-v1 New Hire Workflow Project Griselda Lopez et al. Administration
10 Jul 2008
1686-v2 Conference Database Matt Arena Administration
20 Jun 2007
5379-v1 CCD NLIT 2014 Presentations Eileen Berman et al. Shared Systems and Services
Information Management
PC Servers and Support
Trip Reports
CCD Briefings
17 Jun 2014
4184-v1 Travel Work Flow - Draft John Galvan Travel
07 Dec 2010
3927-v1 FTL Monthly Employee Announcement Vicky White Administration
19 May 2010
3210-v1 CD FTL Town Hall Meeting Irwin Gaines Administration
12 May 2009
2196-v1 Apple WWDC 2007 Conference Report Ben Segbawu Trip Reports
18 Jun 2007
1900-v0 Trip Report: HEPiX-HEPNT Spring 2002 Lisa Giacchetti et al. Computing Techniques Seminars
Trip Reports
14 Nov 2006
202-v1 Project Tracking and Effort Reporting Joy Hathaway Department Infrastructure
10 Nov 2006
783-v1 Project Services Penelope Constanta Department Infrastructure
10 Nov 2006
869-v3 Project Services Penelope Constanta et al. Department Infrastructure
10 Nov 2006
1836-v1 Oracle Open World Conference at San Francisco 2006 Anil Garg Trip Reports
01 Nov 2006
417-v0 Foreign Travel Automation Project JoAnn Larson Travel
26 Oct 2006
994-v1 Website Development for Automation of the Leave/Travel System and to Interface a Database Unknown Administration
26 Oct 2006
1685-v1 Travel Office Interactions Griselda Lopez et al. Travel
26 Oct 2006
1687-v1 Travel Safety Issues Robert Tschirhart Travel
26 Oct 2006
1683-v2 DOE Travel Workshop Griselda Lopez Travel
26 Oct 2006
1689-v1 Traverlers Issues Lothar Bauerdick Travel
26 Oct 2006
1684-v2 Lab-Wide Procedures Irwin Gaines Administration
31 Aug 2006
1634-v3 Indico Design Note and AIP John Bellendir Administration
14 Jul 2006
7-v1 Search Upgrade Project Report Marcia A Teckenbrock Administration
29 Oct 2005
699-v1 Document Database Librarian Ruth Pordes Administration
28 Feb 2005
632-v1 Information for the New Computing Division Employee Unknown Administration
17 Dec 2004
381-v1 CD Internal Upgrade Emily Pahlavan Administration
09 Jul 2004

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