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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4603-v1 Improvements in ROOT I/O Philippe Canal Event Data Model
High Performance Computing
21 Jun 2012
4627-v1 Requirements for an ART file "User" Database Robert Illingworth et al. Event Data Model
30 Mar 2012
4602-v0 Study of a Fine Grained Threaded Framework Design Christopher D. Jones Architecture Framewks Recon
Event Data Model
09 Jan 2012
3866-v1 ROOT I/O: The Fast and Furious. Philippe Canal Event Data Model
22 Sep 2011
3921-v1 Multicore-aware applications in CMS Peter Elmer et al. Event Data Model
18 May 2010
2993-v0 ROOT: Support For Significant Evolutions of the User Data Model Philippe Canal Event Data Model
Experiment/Scientific Program
12 Nov 2008
1386-v1 Benchmarking AMD64 and EMT64 Hans Wenzel Event Data Model
24 Mar 2006

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