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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6411-v1 Landscape Data Kevin M. Retzke FermiGrid
14 Jun 2018
2573-v5 OSE Baseline Mine Altunay et al. FermiGrid
11 Sep 2017
2615-v8 FermiGrid 201 Steven Timm FermiGrid
15 Jun 2016
5522-v15 Fermigrid Bluearc Unmount Task Force Report - Avoiding direct User access to Bluearc Data on Fermigrid Art Kreymer et al. FIFE
Scientific Computing Facilities
29 Apr 2015
5437-v0 Dark Energy Survey computing on FermiGrid Marko Slyz et al. FermiGrid
16 Oct 2014
5340-v2 Active Archive Facilities Project Steve Jones et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
06 May 2014
5319-v3 Build Service Project Requirements Steve Jones DAQ
Data Movement and Storage
Muon g-2
Muon Program
Minor Application
Neutrino Program
Major Application
22 Jul 2014
2609-v3 FermiGrid 101 Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
01 May 2013
4939-v1 Steve Timm talks at HEPIX (Condor, FermiCloud, Site Report) Steven Timm Scientific Computing Facilities
25 Oct 2012
4494-v2 CHEP 2012 FermiGrid Steven Timm FermiGrid
15 May 2012
4669-v3 IFDH Design Marc Mengel Data Movement and Storage
17 Apr 2012
4672-v1 Opening session Speech - update from US Vicky White OSG
03 Apr 2012
4277-v1 Investigation of storage options for scientific computing on Grid and Cloud facilities Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiGrid
22 Feb 2012
3739-v9 FermiGrid-HA2 (FermiGrid-HA Phase 2) Planning Document Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
14 Jul 2011
3532-v3 Grid Storage on FermiGrid and GPCF - Activity Discussions Gabriele Garzoglio FermiGrid
29 Jun 2011
4293-v1 Virtualization and Cloud Computing at Fermilab Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
16 Jun 2011
2903-v11 FermiGrid Service Level Agreements Keith Chadwick Service Level Management
13 Jun 2011
4275-v3 FermiGrid Scalability and Reliability Improvements Keith Chadwick et al. FermiGrid
22 Mar 2011
4276-v1 FermiCloud: Technology Evaluation and Pilot Service Deployment Keith Chadwick et al. FermiGrid
22 Mar 2011
3925-v4 Authentication, Authorization, and Contextualization in FermiCloud Amitoj Singh et al. FermiGrid
13 Oct 2010
4117-v1 Kerberos at Fermilab Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
06 Oct 2010
4050-v1 Cloud Computing Seminar Sebastien Goasguen Communications & Outreach
14 Sep 2010
3977-v1 FermiCloud status Steven Timm FermiGrid
21 Jun 2010
3914-v2 FermiGrid SAZ 2.7 Peformance Measurements Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
17 May 2010
3356-v4 FermiGrid - Gratia Hardware Evolution Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
29 Apr 2010
3812-v2 FermiGrid Campus Grids Presentation Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
19 Apr 2010
3815-v1 Fermilab Site Report - Spring 2010 HEPiX Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
15 Apr 2010
3811-v2 SAZ Server/Service Performance Testing Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
13 Apr 2010
3058-v3 FermiGrid Ganglia Installation Guide Dan Yocum FermiGrid
13 Mar 2010
3598-v1 Gratia University Collector Hardware Specifications Keith Chadwick et al. OSG
11 Feb 2010
3589-v2 Heartbeat Installation Document Unknown FermiGrid
05 Feb 2010
3579-v2 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
28 Jan 2010
3516-v1 Presentation about HEPiX 2009 to SCF Quadrant Leaders Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Nov 2009
3515-v1 FermiGrid Software Acceptance Process Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Nov 2009
3514-v1 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Nov 2009
3279-v2 Storage Services for the Fermilab Grid Facility Gabriele Garzoglio Work Planning and Budgeting
26 Oct 2009
3495-v2 Experiences of a IGTF Relying Party (FermiGrid) Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
22 Oct 2009
3491-v1 FermiGrid - The Fermilab Campus Grid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
13 Oct 2009
3340-v1 FermiGrid - An Analysis of Directory and File Sizes on /grid/data Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
26 Aug 2009
3292-v1 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
12 Aug 2009
2765-v2 SAZ Installation Guide (Fermi Specific) Dan Yocum FermiGrid
24 Jun 2009
3246-v1 FermiGrid - An Analysis of Grid Job Duration and Condor Preemption Time Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
23 Jun 2009
3206-v3 GRID Tactical Plan Status Report Mine Altunay et al. OSG
11 May 2009
3118-v2 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
04 Mar 2009
3039-v1 FermiGrid - Space Planning Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Jan 2009
3035-v1 Opensciencegrid ST&E Restoration Guide Dan Yocum OSG
29 Dec 2008
3020-v2 FermiGrid Presentation at SC2008 Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
18 Nov 2008
2708-v3 FermiGrid SAZ Overview Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
09 Sep 2008
2684-v4 FermiGrid - Software Acceptance Process Eileen Berman et al. FermiGrid
10 Jun 2008
2539-v2 FermiGrid High Availability Installation & Configuration Guide Dan Yocum FermiGrid
15 Apr 2008
2590-v1 FermiGrid Virtualization and Xen Steven Timm Computing Techniques Seminars
28 Feb 2008
2613-v1 FermiGrid 202 Neha Sharma FermiGrid
26 Feb 2008
2016-v2 FermiGrid submission to Teragrid 07 Dan Yocum et al. FermiGrid
03 Jan 2008
2074-v1 FermiGrid CHEP 2007 Abstract Eileen Berman et al. FermiGrid
27 Nov 2007
2514-v1 FermiGrid - Metrics and Monitoring Presentation at the Fall 2007 HEPiX Meeting Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
12 Nov 2007
2513-v1 FermiGrid-HA Presentation at the Fall 2007 HEPiX Meeting Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
12 Nov 2007
2479-v3 FermiGrid/RunII/OSG content station, Supercomputing 2007 Mine Altunay et al. OSG
02 Nov 2007
2420-v1 FermiGrid Introduction for the Minerva Collaboration Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
17 Sep 2007
2375-v1 FermiGrid-BoilerGrid Presentation Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
09 Aug 2007
2206-v1 Overview for Grid Coordination Meeting - June 19, 2007 Eileen Berman FermiGrid
19 Jun 2007
2194-v1 FermiGrid - NYSGrid Presentation Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
18 Jun 2007
2153-v1 FermiGrid - Presentations at OGF 20 Keith Chadwick OSG
14 May 2007
2139-v1 FermiGrid--a Condor-based Heterogeneous Campus Grid - Condor Week 2007 Steven Timm FermiGrid
07 May 2007
2034-v1 FermiGrid Facility Keith Chadwick et al. FermiGrid
27 Feb 2007
1144-v1 SAMGrid as a Stakeholder of FermiGrid Valeria Bartsch SAMGrid
19 Oct 2006
1146-v1 FermiGrid - Status and Plans Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
19 Oct 2006
1347-v1 CHEP06: FermiGrid Status and Plans Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
19 Oct 2006
1284-v2 FermiGrid Status Keith Chadwick Reviews
19 Oct 2006

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