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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5729-v1 CHEP 2016 - Towards more common build tools - experience with using spack in HEP James Amundson et al. Computing Infrastructure
11 May 2016
5728-v1 CHEP 2016 - A build system for multiple package development utilizing Spack James Amundson Computing Infrastructure
18 Apr 2016
5597-v2 Framework Introduction Marc Paterno Computing Infrastructure
27 Aug 2015
5562-v4 Project Requirements -- Production Operations Management Service Paola Buitrago et al. Computing Infrastructure
Scientific Computing Facilities
01 Jul 2015
5546-v1 Project Charter -- Production Management Database Marc Mengel Computing Infrastructure
21 Apr 2015
5314-v4 Recommendations for Intensity Frontier Use of Dcache Stuart C. Fuess et al. Computing Infrastructure
Neutrino Program
Muon Program
20 Aug 2014
5241-v1 SAM - Oracle to PostgreSQL Stephen White Computing Infrastructure
05 Nov 2013
5239-v1 The last mile of data handling: Fermilab's IFDH tools Adam Lyon et al. Computing Infrastructure
Data Movement and Storage
29 Oct 2013
4907-v3 artdaq Talk and Paper from the Real-Time 2012 Conference Marc Paterno Computing Infrastructure
22 Apr 2013
4603-v1 Improvements in ROOT I/O Philippe Canal Event Data Model
High Performance Computing
21 Jun 2012
4627-v1 Requirements for an ART file "User" Database Robert Illingworth et al. Event Data Model
30 Mar 2012
4622-v1 New Computing Models and LHCONE Ian Fisk Computing Infrastructure
18 Jan 2012
4602-v0 Study of a Fine Grained Threaded Framework Design Christopher D. Jones Event Data Model
Architecture Framewks Recon
09 Jan 2012
4506-v1 Improvements in Standard C++ for the Physics Community (Abstract Only) Walter Brown Computing Infrastructure
27 Oct 2011
3866-v1 ROOT I/O: The Fast and Furious. Philippe Canal Event Data Model
22 Sep 2011
4246-v1 Mathematica With Root Presentation Sebastian White Physics
25 Feb 2011
4036-v1 Arrangements for Hands-On Session - Fifth CERN-Fermilab Hadron Collider Physics Thomas Bozonelos et al. Computing Infrastructure
02 Aug 2010
3995-v0 Release Strategies: CMS approach for Development and Quality Assurance Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy US-CMS Programmatic
Architecture Framewks Recon
LHC Physics Analysis Center
06 Jul 2010
3921-v1 Multicore-aware applications in CMS Peter Elmer et al. Event Data Model
18 May 2010
3365-v2 FY10 Tactical Plan for USCMS Software and Physics Support Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy LHC Physics Analysis Center
30 Sep 2009
1390-v1 LHC@FNAL Remote Operations for CMS Eric Gottschalk Computing Infrastructure
CMS Support
26 Feb 2009
1391-v2 LHC@FNAL Remote Operations for the LHC Elvin Harms LHC Physics Analysis Center
26 Feb 2009
2993-v0 ROOT: Support For Significant Evolutions of the User Data Model Philippe Canal Event Data Model
Experiment/Scientific Program
12 Nov 2008
2810-v2 Cable, UTP-TN-006.04 Orlando Colo'n Computing Infrastructure
21 Aug 2008
2755-v1 GRATIA INTERNAL ASSESSMENT RECOMMENDATIONS PRESENTATION Philippe Canal et al. Computing Infrastructure
02 Jul 2008
2228-v1 PASTA Review - Technology for the LHC Era Michael Ernst Computing Infrastructure
21 Jun 2007
2047-v1 Role Based Access for LHC Controls Suzanne Gysin LHC Physics Analysis Center
13 Mar 2007
387-v1 LHC++: An Object-Oriented Replacement for CERNLIB - - Computing Techniques Seminars
Department Infrastructure
LHC Physics Analysis Center
17 Nov 2006
374-v1 Lizard - A Flexible and Modular Data Analysis Tool using Abstract Types - - Department Infrastructure
LHC Physics Analysis Center
16 Nov 2006
1695-v1 Fermilab Petascale Computing and Computation Activities Don Petravick et al. Computing Infrastructure
05 Sep 2006
1386-v1 Benchmarking AMD64 and EMT64 Hans Wenzel Event Data Model
24 Mar 2006
1362-v1 Frontier validation and deployment Petar Maksimovic Computing Infrastructure
CDF Run2
28 Feb 2006
411-v1 Goals of the LPC Software Environment Mark Fischler Computing Infrastructure
20 Jul 2004

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