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These documents on DocDB Management and Administration (subtopic of Collaboration Tools) are available:
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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
893-v2 DocDB Project Marcia A Teckenbrock Department Infrastructure
02 Sep 2005
3084-v1 DocDB Categorization & Search Project David Ritchie et al. DocDB Management
11 Feb 2009
2404-v1 DocDB Presentation - Interlab 2006 Marcia A Teckenbrock DocDB Management
12 Sep 2007
1444-v1 DocDB Instructions Unknown DocDB Management
02 Nov 2006
1327-v2 DocDB Future Directions Eric Vaandering DocDB Management
19 Oct 2006
1333-v1 DocDB Stakeholders Meeting Minutes Marcia A Teckenbrock DocDB Management
19 Oct 2006
37-v1 Controling Access to DocDB Instances John C Urish Department Infrastructure
29 Oct 2005
31-v1 DocDB Requirements John C Urish DocDB Management
19 Oct 2006

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