Oracle Open World  Conference  at San Francisco 2006


Trip Report by Anil Kumar


Key Note Session(s) Attended



Key Note  by "Next Application Platform" Thomas Kurian Sr. Vice President Oracle Corp

Developers building enterprise applications using J2EE are interested in several emerging technologies: lightweight programming models and development

frameworks, service oriented architecture and process design and access to services over the internet from dynamic user interfaces. In his session , Oracle Senior Vice President presented

Oracle's vision for how a next-generation application development platform will combine a variety of technologies specifically J2EE, EJB, SDO, Java Server Faces , Ajax, BPEL, dynamic languages, and

Web 2.0 with easy-to-use declarative tools to enable developers to rapidly build powerful and rich enterprise applications and online services.


Key Note "Making Smarter Choices" by   Hector de J. Ruiz Chairman and CEO, AMD


Today's IT professionals are demanding greater power efficiencies from processors without accepting compromises in performance and scalability. In his keynote address, Hector de J. Ruiz discussed

how the IT industry can be a better partner to enterprises by providing choices based on the most pressing needs of customers today. Ruiz stressed that the acceleration of innovation that will

accompany the proliferation of technology choices in the next ten years will occur alongside a transfer of power from vendor to customer - a revolutionary industry change that will put the

future of innovation in your hands.



Key Note "The Information Road Map: What's Next?" by Chuck Rozwat    Executive Vice President  Server Technologies, Oracle Corp.


Chuck Rozwat talked about new Oracle products and solutions to help you harness the information explosion and prevent assets from becoming liabilities.

Learned more about the Oracle Fusion Architecture, Grid Computing Products i.e. Real Application Clustering (RAC), Automatic Storage Management ASM, Grid Controls

as well as new releases, features, upgrades, and the Sunopsis acquisitions ( Sunopsis is a leading provider of high-performance, cost effective data integration products for heterogeneous IT environments.

Sunopsis' data integration products are built using next generation "Extract Load Transform (ELT)" architecture that offers superior performance and scalability in comparison to traditional

ETL products.



Key Note "Dell and Oracle Deliver the New Enterprise: Are You Part of the Next Wave of Database Management Solutions?"  by Michael Dell Chairman of Dell Inc.

Learned more about Dell's strategy for standards-based, low-cost enterprise computing environments, and the company's vision of open enterprise computing platforms.

The industry shift to dual-core and quad-core microprocessors have great  impacted on Dell's new product families. Dell Power Edge 6950 is Dell's first AMD-based server.


Key Note "Unbreakable Oracle Linux" by Larry Ellison CEO Oracle


  Larry Ellison rang the NASDAQ closing bell in honor of Oracle's 20 years as a public company. He emphasized on Grid Computing and Open Source OS.

  He announced the enterprise support for Linux for Oracle Customers and non-oracle customers.

  Oracle Unbreakable Linux is a support program that provides enterprises with industry-leading global support for Linux. Recognizing the demand for true enterprise-quality Linux support and

  seeing an opportunity to   significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs, Oracle is now offering Linux operating system support. Since RHAT Linux Open Source. Oracle will take out all the Trade marks of Red Hat

  from code and will distribute as Oracle Linux.   One of the support executive demonstrated that companies can switch to Oracle for Linux support with in 70-80 secs.

  Biggest selling point for support for Linux from Oracle Corp. is that Oracle will backport the bug fixes if customer demands.  Annual Price $399 per system with 2 CPUs and $999 per system with unlimited

 CPUs.   Until January 31, 2007,  one can take advantage of promotional offer  50% off to get started with Oracle Unbreakable Linux.  Fact Sheet can be found at

More details about Oracle Linux and Key Note by CEO of Oracle Corp can be found at :



On Monday attended PUBLIC Sector Reception hosted by Oracle Corp.


On Tuesday attended Customer Appreciation Event hosted by Oracle Corp.



Meetings :  


                    1:1 Meeting with Product Delivery Manager Oracle Corp (DOE), Vice President of Security and Product Manager on ASO, CERN DB team, Sales and Tech Rep from Oracle Corp.

                    Current status of ASO implementation at Fermi. Discussed in details the issues on ASO.  Discussed the proxy and vault technologies.

                    Discussed the backporting of bug fixes for ASO.


                    1:1 meeting with Oracle Tech and Sales. Met Oracle Product Manager on Grid Control and experts on Tuning. Tuning expert mentioned that 10g versions of DB has some tuning issues

                    with very large databases. We have Service Request with Oracle on some of queries doing full table scans despite the fact there are indexes and tables and indexes are fully analyzed.


                    Discussed with Oracle technology like RAC, Clusterware and ASM. Also flashback recovery.


                    1:1 meeting with System Engineer on Storage Technology by 3PAR.   Clarified some of  test implementation issues and discussed the 3PAR storage technologies concepts.

                    Provided the feedback on the discussion to css-dsg


                    Learned about Business Intelligence user interface by Oracle Corp based on Data Warehouse and data mining capabilities.

                    Dash board concept. Basically dashboards are menus.


                    Attended the demo of Data Modeling Tool Map Force by ALTOVA corp. MapForce product develop mappings between data formats in an intuitive , visual manner then

                    auto-generate the stylesheets , program code required to implement custom data integration and web services applications. In addition to data modeling, it is one of XML

                    development tools too.


Sessions Attended :

           Next release of Oracle Server is 11g. Currently it is in beta phase. Production release is expected in First Qtr of year 2007.

           11g is introduction a concept of Information Life Cycle Management (ILM). This technology will facilitate compression of data, tiering of data storage i.e.

           provisioning of  movement less frequently  used data to less expensive storage and standby snapshot of data. 11g, all patches can be applied without any downtime in RAC environment.

           This is called on-line Hot patching for RAC databases. Automatic Diagnostics workflow concept for providing all information to Oracle Support for Service request. This will be called

           Packaged Incident Information for Oracle Support.

           Secure Enterprise search capabilities for Deep Web content databases.



          Warehouse builder will be part of Oracle Core Server. No Separate License. Oracle is trying to get fair share of market in warehouse implementations by bundling the Warehouse builder

          as per of database server license. Lot of new features being introduced in Oracle Db to support datawarehouse concepts Virtual column based partition i.e. partition can be created on the sub set  of

          the data in the column.  Partition advisor concept is being implemented. Server will automatically create the partition. There will be no need for DBAs to pre-create all partitions.  

          Lot of statistical analysis tools being incorporated i.e. Linear Regression, Pareto Analysis, Hypothesis testing and statistical aggregate functions.


        Agile Methods for Software Development  

        Welcome Changing requirements, Good Scope Control over projects, Business People and developer must work together throughout the project, Build projects around motivated individuals,

         keep units of work small to create an atmosphere of success (Don't try a Big Bang Datawarehousing Projects) . Continuous Attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

         Use Code generators.

         Learned about database latches and I/O performance.

           Chicago Mercantile Exchange has implemented RAC on HP 385 Dual 2*2.4 GHz with 8GB of RAM for High availability of Options Trading System.


    As per presenter Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) 10g and Oracle Clusterware together introduced many new concepts that can create confusion or misunderstanding during

    implementation and problem diagnosis.

    So attended this session to look under the covers of Oracle RAC 10g. The session reviewed the technology that makes Oracle RAC 10g work.


 Learned about best practices for the Oracle Database 10g Streams implementation.