To: Residents in the FCC Building

From: Jack MacNerland


Monday, Aug, 14, 2000, the FCC Building will start participating in the lab wide paper recycling program. White paper and other paper or junk mail will be collected. The trash container you are currently using will be replaced with three new colored coordinated bins. A detailed list of what paper can be recycled is located on the attached page. At your workstations, please separate the following:

*Place white paper items in the tan colored bin labeled WHITE PAPER ONLY.

*Place non-white paper and junk mail in the gray bin labeled MIX MAIL ONLY.

*Place conventional trash in brown bin with liner labeled TRASH ONLY.

When your recycling bins are full, empty them into the large similarly marked containers located in your area. Once every two weeks, the custodians will empty the trash from the brown bin at your work station. If you need to empty your trash more often, please place it in the large trash receptacle also located in your area. Extra trash bags will be provided in the bottom of the brown bin and a location designated by your area coordinator. The custodians will monitor the large containers every evening and empty them as needed. We encourage your participation. This program has been in place at Wilson Hall for almost a year, and has been successful and cost effective. If you have any questions, please feel free to call:

Building Manager: Jack MacNerland @ x8466

LBR Custodial Service @ x2798

LBR Recycling coordinator: Jesus Lozoya