Agenda for Grid and Data Management for 6/23/2004

CDO Building plans - Gerry Bellendir                    15 min
CCF Advanced Networking plans - Don Petravick           15 min
    GridFTP Status and Plans  - Igor Mandrichenko       15 min
CSS Reports - Speaker(s) TBD                              15 min
Topics to include:
Farm management/Software deployment/Database administration/
Operations support/Licensing & contract issuesDiscussion     30 min

This meeting begins to cover the relationships of facility
planning and activities to the Grid and Data Management activities.
The talks should address specifically the facilities work needed in
order to participate fully in building a common Grid infrastructure,and in order to meet the experiment expectations and support the

Grid project activities as detailed in previous meeting

The facilities talks will be continued in GDM IV, Wednesday,
June 30, 1pm - 4pm in FCC1.

There will be H323 video at 82CDGDM.