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Welcome to Anaphe

Anaphe, formerly called LHC++, has been developed by the API group in IT division to provide data analysis and visualisation tools. It consists of a set of modular C++ libraries and an interactive framework called Lizard.

With the start-up of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) project further development of Anaphe has been stopped. The scope of the Anaphe project is now covered by the LCG Application Area. In particular, work on component based analysis tools using AIDA is proceeding in the PI project of the LCG Application Area, following the lines as described in the Architectural Blueprint.

For the time being, bug fixing and support for current users of Anaphe will continue with limited resources. Current users of Anaphe software are invited to move as soon as possible to the implementations provided by LCG or to another of the implementations of AIDA. Users wishing to continue to use the source code of the Anaphe implementation, or wishing to discuss any other issue, are invited to contact as early as possible (preferably before the end of 2003).

Use the links on the left to find out more. If you have suggestions concerning the web site, we would like to hear them. Send an email to

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