VOX Project Status Report


1.  Wrote detailed document that describes the new features requested by  stakeholders and LCG Registration Task Force group. The document explains the changes in overall VOMRS design and database  schema.

   The document is on the web  http://www.uscms.org/s&c/VO/design/VOMRS_new_req.doc.


2.. Had a meeting with LCG Registration Task Force group where several topics  were discussed including  the document mentioned above,  the status of the LCG  effort to interface ORGDB, the status of VOMS Admin and  EDG Trust manager software. The minutes can be found at:  http://cern.ch/dimou/lcg/registrar/TF/meetings/2004-10-28/



3. Started the implementation of requested features:

          a. changes in database schema

                  . vo and institutional membership expiration dates

                  . status, timestamps for auxiliary certificate

                  . reason fields for changing the membership status

                  . new attributes fields for personal data

                  . version of signed usage rules


          b. changes in initial configuration

                  . default vo and institutional membership expiration dates

                  . default warning notification intervals

                  . current version of usage rules

          c. changes in code:

                  . modified configuration scripts to handle new database schema

                  . added/modified code (services, database related code, web ui) to handle

                          - expiration dates

                          - two phases of registration

                          - email confirmation on registration and changing the e-mail address

                          - reason for changing the status

                          - approval procedure for auxiliary certificate


4. The following still needs to be done:

          a. "validation" thread - the process that checks the expiration date of each member, sends warning notification, and expires members

          b. modify VOMS synchronizer to work with new voms admin release

          c. work with LCG to interface ORGDB (implement LCG registration service)

          d. modify test suit and perform thorough testing

          e. fix known bugs

          f. modify on-line help and user guide

          g. provide paging functionality in web ui

          h. install new version of voms




  My rough estimate that the implementation and testing of new features will require 6 month 1 FTE. This doesn't include work done in LCG to provide ORGDB interface, fix bugs in voms admin etc.


  The work has started on October 1st. I assumed that John would be able to spent at least 25% of his time working on the project. We expect this to happen after the first release of the VO Privilege project software.