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6182-v1 Hazard Analysis form for entering fiber optic cable manholes Andrey Bobyshev ES&H
19 Sep 2017
5508-v2 Root Cause Analysis for PRB000000001088 (SeaQuest Data Taking Interrupt) Andrew Chen et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
Problem Management
20 Feb 2015
5442-v1 ROOT 6 and beyond: TObject, C++14 and many cores. Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
17 Oct 2014
4597-v1 An Analysis of Bulk Data Movement Patterns in Large-scale Scientific Collaborations Wenji Wu High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
07 Jan 2012
4531-v1 G-NetMon: A GPU-accelerated Network Performance Monitoring System for Large Scale Scientific Collaborations Philip DeMar et al. High Performance Computing
06 Nov 2011
4354-v1 G-NetMon: A GPU-accelerated Network Performance Monitoring System Wenji Wu et al. High Performance Computing
07 Jun 2011
3806-v1 Metrics Correlation and Analysis - Compute Technique Seminar Andrew Baranovski Computing Techniques Seminars
08 Apr 2010
1761-v2 Disk Pool Review RAYMOND L CULBERTSON et al. CDF Run2
16 Feb 2010
3307-v1 BY10 Alternatives Analysis for the Lattice QCD Computing Project Extension (LQCD-ext) Chip Watson Lattice QCD
20 Aug 2009
1968-v2 The Performance Analysis of Linux Networking - Packet Receiving Wenji Wu et al. High Performance Computing
R & D
02 Aug 2007
2032-v1 D0 reprocessing on OSG facilities. Issue report. Andrew Baranovski OSG
26 Feb 2007
1429-v1 CDF Analysis Disk pool status Dave Ambrose et al. CDF Run2
18 Apr 2006
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