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4959-v2 Data and Software Preservation for Big Data BoF: Data Preservation in Particle Physics Rob M Roser Communications & Outreach
High Performance Computing
12 Nov 2012
4271-v1 Cluster Management Jason Allen Scientific Computing Facilities
15 Mar 2011
3816-v1 FY11 D0 Offline Support Tactical Plan Qizhong Li D0 Run2
FY2011 Tactical Plans
16 Apr 2010
3468-v1 FY10 Tactical Plan Presentation for SCF / System Administration Jason Allen FY2010 Tactical Plans
06 Oct 2009
1651-v1 Distributed Data Access and Resource Management in the D0 SAM System Lauri Loebel Carpenter et al. High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
16 Dec 2008
2829-v6 FY09 Tactical Plan for System Administration Jason Allen FY2009 Tactical Plans
14 Oct 2008
2290-v1 FY08 Tactical Plan for D0 Offline Support Qizhong Li Tactical Plans
05 Nov 2007
2291-v1 FY08 Tactical Plan for D0 Reconstruction & Application Support Qizhong Li Tactical Plans
05 Nov 2007
2171-v1 D0 Grid Production Architecture Adam Lyon SAMGrid
25 May 2007
2135-v3 Data queuing in SAMGrid Andrew Baranovski Data Movement and Storage
High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
09 May 2007
1650-v1 Distributed Data Access in the Sequential Access Model at the D0 Experiment at Fermilab Igor Terekhov High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
19 Oct 2006
946-v1 Developing Statistical Software for D0 Harrison Prosper None
15 Aug 2005
942-v1 CD Support for D0 Database Projects Elizabeth Gallas None
09 Aug 2005
112-v2 D0 Computing Project Amber Boehnlein D0 Run2
12 Jul 2004
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