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3129-v1 Job Tracking on the Open Science Grid for the DZero Virtual Organization Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
16 Mar 2009
2059-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
D0 Run2
27 Nov 2007
2461-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Brad Abbott et al. OSG
08 Oct 2007
2135-v3 Data queuing in SAMGrid Andrew Baranovski High Performance Computing
Data Movement and Storage
D0 Run2
09 May 2007
1820-v1 DZero VO Services Tanya Levshina et al. SAMGrid
D0 Run2
Computing Techniques Seminars
02 Nov 2006
501-v2 Experience producing simulated events for the DZero experiment on the SAM-Grid Gabriele Garzoglio et al. None
20 Jan 2005
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