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5385-v1 Web Based Database Applications Architecture Dave Dykstra et al. Experiment/Scientific Program
25 Jun 2014
5180-v4 FIFE Architecture Design Report - - Run2
Neutrino Program
Muon Program
04 Feb 2014
4082-v10 Intensity Frontier Computing Model and GRID Tools Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
12 Jan 2013
4781-v1 Implementation of Beam Conditions Database for Intensity Frontier Experiments Andrew J Norman et al. Neutrino Program
22 Jun 2012
4503-v2 FY2012 Tactical Plan for Intensity Frontier Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
FY2012 Tactical Plans
03 Nov 2011
4658-v1 Intensity Frontier Services on FermiCloud Steven Timm Scientific Computing Facilities
Neutrino Program
15 Feb 2012
4406-v3 End-To-End Solution using Globus Online Integrated with glideinWMS Parag A Mhashilkar High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
24 Aug 2011
3805-v1 Intensity Frontier Ops Summary for IF-CD meeting Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
08 Apr 2010
2057-v1 CMS Conditions Data Access using FroNTier Barry Blumenfeld et al. Dist Computing Applications
27 Mar 2007
1362-v1 Frontier validation and deployment Petar Maksimovic CDF Run2
Computing Infrastructure
28 Feb 2006
175-v1 Database Software Infrastructure Projects Report Lee Lueking Databases
22 Jul 2004
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