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5750-v1 HEPCloud, a new paradigm for HEP facilities: CMS Amazon Web Services Investigation Lothar Bauerdick et al. HEPCloud
Scientific Computing Facilities
14 Mar 2019
2573-v5 OSE Baseline Mine Altunay et al. FermiGrid
11 Sep 2017
5754-v4 Landscape Program Requirements and Architecture Joe Boyd et al. FIFE
09 Dec 2016
2615-v8 FermiGrid 201 Steven Timm FermiGrid
15 Jun 2016
5587-v2 Scientific Computing Grid Monitoring and Accounting Program Tanya Levshina FIFE
07 Aug 2015
5555-v1 Diversity in Computing Technologies and Strategies for Dynamic Resource Allocation - CHEP 2015 Plenary Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
17 May 2015
5352-v1 Build Service Charter (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5320) Steve Jones High Performance Computing
Minor Application
Experiment/Scientific Program
22 Jul 2014
5069-v1 Cloud Bursting with Glideinwms: Means to satisfy ever increasing computing needs for Scientific Workflows Burt Holzman et al. High Performance Computing
Scientific Computing Facilities
31 Oct 2013
5124-v1 LSST progress on the Grid front - May 2013 Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
13 May 2013
2609-v3 FermiGrid 101 Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
01 May 2013
5020-v1 Running DESDM Software on FermiGrid Marko Slyz CCD Briefings
20 Feb 2013
4082-v10 Intensity Frontier Computing Model and GRID Tools Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
12 Jan 2013
4939-v1 Steve Timm talks at HEPIX (Condor, FermiCloud, Site Report) Steven Timm Scientific Computing Facilities
25 Oct 2012
4455-v5 Investigation of Storage Systems for use in Grid Applications Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
19 Jul 2012
4501-v3 Supporting Shared Resource Usage for a Diverse User Community: the OSG experience and lessons learned Gabriele Garzoglio et al. OSG
01 Jun 2012
4665-v1 Investigation of storage options for scientific computing on Grid and Cloud facilities - Reports Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
01 Jun 2012
4728-v1 glideinWMS in the Cloud Anthony Tiradani High Performance Computing
07 May 2012
4729-v5 Large Scale Network - May 2012 Gabriele Garzoglio Networks
08 May 2012
4703-v3 Experience with Globus Online at Fermilab - Globus World 2012 Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
11 Apr 2012
4662-v3 Investigation of Storage Systems for use in Grid Applications Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
27 Feb 2012
4663-v1 Status of the Adoption of a SAML-XACML Profile for Authorization Interoperability across Grid Middleware Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
16 Feb 2012
4505-v2 Collaboration Opportunities on Grid and Cloud Computing between Fermilab and KISTI - Nov 2011 Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
08 Nov 2011
3532-v3 Grid Storage on FermiGrid and GPCF - Activity Discussions Gabriele Garzoglio FermiGrid
29 Jun 2011
2903-v11 FermiGrid Service Level Agreements Keith Chadwick Service Level Management
13 Jun 2011
4329-v1 Workshop Report: High Performance Applications of Cloud and Grid Tools Alan Sill Grid
09 May 2011
4296-v1 Nebraska Supercomputing Symposium Talk Vicky White Scientific Computing Facilities
11 Apr 2011
3917-v1 Towards a Scalable Virtual Organization Privileges Management Environment Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
31 Jan 2011
3918-v1 Adoption of a SAML-XACML Profile for Authorization Interoperability across Grid Middleware in OSG and EGEE Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
31 Jan 2011
3919-v5 A method of searching LDAP directories using XQuery Ted Hesselroth SciDAC
High Performance Computing
Open Science Enclave
Major Application
29 Nov 2010
4140-v1 Collaboration Opportunities on the Grid between Fermilab and KISTI Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
26 Oct 2010
4120-v1 Tier-1: Workflow Efficiency and I/O Oliver Gutsche CMS Support
06 Oct 2010
4119-v1 Custodial Storage Overview Oliver Gutsche CMS Support
06 Oct 2010
4118-v1 Experience with the WLCG Computing Grid Ian Fisk CMS Support
06 Oct 2010
3826-v4 Grid Services Tactical Plan for FY11 Gabriele Garzoglio FY2011 Tactical Plans
20 Apr 2010
3429-v3 Establishing Grid Trust with Fermilab Mine Altunay et al. Grid
04 Feb 2010
3515-v1 FermiGrid Software Acceptance Process Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Nov 2009
3514-v1 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
05 Nov 2009
3495-v2 Experiences of a IGTF Relying Party (FermiGrid) Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
22 Oct 2009
3491-v1 FermiGrid - The Fermilab Campus Grid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
13 Oct 2009
3468-v1 FY10 Tactical Plan Presentation for SCF / System Administration Jason Allen FY2010 Tactical Plans
06 Oct 2009
3458-v2 FY10 Grid Budget/Tactical Plan Presentation Eileen Berman et al. FY2010 Tactical Plans
02 Oct 2009
3346-v1 Grid ARchitecture Diagrams Ruth Pordes Grid
28 Aug 2009
3340-v1 FermiGrid - An Analysis of Directory and File Sizes on /grid/data Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
26 Aug 2009
3246-v1 FermiGrid - An Analysis of Grid Job Duration and Condor Preemption Time Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
23 Jun 2009
3157-v2 VOMRS/VOMS-Admin Convergence Andrea Ceccanti et al. Grid
19 May 2009
3195-v1 CDF's experience with Condor in a large-scale grid environment Dennis Box CDF Run2
24 Apr 2009
3021-v2 A Code Inspection Process for Security Reviews Gabriele Garzoglio Computer Security
06 Mar 2009
3118-v2 Virtualization within FermiGrid Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
04 Mar 2009
3104-v1 Programming Multicore Clouds Using High Level Abstractions - - Computing Techniques Seminars
19 Feb 2009
3043-v2 Grid Computing Support Talk to D0 Top Group Eileen Berman D0 Run2
09 Jan 2009
3002-v0 Gratia: Interpreting Grid Usage Data In a Shared Environment. Philippe Canal et al. Grid
12 Nov 2008
2982-v4 VOMRS/VOMS Utilization Patterns And Convergence Plan Andrea Ceccanti et al. Grid
11 Nov 2008
2829-v6 FY09 Tactical Plan for System Administration Jason Allen FY2009 Tactical Plans
14 Oct 2008
2794-v7 FY09 Tactical Plan for Grid Services Eileen Berman et al. FY2009 Tactical Plans
24 Sep 2008
2708-v3 FermiGrid SAZ Overview Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
09 Sep 2008
2781-v1 A Minimalistic Approach to End-to-End Protection of Grid Job Payloads Don Petravick et al. Grid
28 Jul 2008
2755-v1 GRATIA INTERNAL ASSESSMENT RECOMMENDATIONS PRESENTATION Philippe Canal et al. Computing Infrastructure
02 Jul 2008
2740-v1 GlideinWMS Explained Igor Sfiligoi OSG
Testbed and Grids
26 Jun 2008
2739-v1 GlideinWMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
High Performance Computing
Testbed and Grids
26 Jun 2008
2613-v1 FermiGrid 202 Neha Sharma FermiGrid
26 Feb 2008
2591-v1 AuthZ Interop Profile Document - Jan 23 -2008 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
29 Jan 2008
2583-v1 AuthZInterop Feedback to Globus - Jan 17-2008 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
22 Jan 2008
2582-v1 End-to-end security in the Grid - - et al. Computer Security
18 Jan 2008
2070-v1 GRATIA, a resource accounting system for OSG Philippe Canal et al. OSG
09 Jan 2008
2059-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
D0 Run2
27 Nov 2007
2074-v1 FermiGrid CHEP 2007 Abstract Eileen Berman et al. FermiGrid
27 Nov 2007
2514-v1 FermiGrid - Metrics and Monitoring Presentation at the Fall 2007 HEPiX Meeting Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
12 Nov 2007
2513-v1 FermiGrid-HA Presentation at the Fall 2007 HEPiX Meeting Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
12 Nov 2007
2511-v1 Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Nov 08, 2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
09 Nov 2007
2489-v1 Workload Management System Burt Holzman et al. Grid
06 Nov 2007
2483-v1 Making Science in the Grid World: Using Glideins to Maximize Scientific Output Igor Sfiligoi Dist Computing Applications
High Performance Computing
Testbed and Grids
01 Nov 2007
2372-v2 XACML Obligations expression and handling in distributed Grid applications (draft) Yuri Demchenko Grid
31 Oct 2007
2469-v1 Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Oct 11, 2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
17 Oct 2007
2461-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Brad Abbott et al. OSG
08 Oct 2007
2061-v2 Addressing the Pilot Security Problem With gLExec Igor Sfiligoi Grid
05 Oct 2007
2440-v1 Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Sep 18, 2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
21 Sep 2007
2420-v1 FermiGrid Introduction for the Minerva Collaboration Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
17 Sep 2007
2381-v1 AuthZInterop Feedback to Globus - Aug17-2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
17 Aug 2007
2375-v1 FermiGrid-BoilerGrid Presentation Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
09 Aug 2007
2374-v1 XACML engine policy configuration Alberto Forti Grid
08 Aug 2007
2373-v1 Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Aug 07, 2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
08 Aug 2007
2343-v1 Minutes of the AuthZ Interoperability Meeting on Jul 10 2007 Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
11 Jul 2007
2339-v1 AuthZ Interoperability: a Summary to Date Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
10 Jul 2007
2194-v1 FermiGrid - NYSGrid Presentation Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
18 Jun 2007
2153-v1 FermiGrid - Presentations at OGF 20 Keith Chadwick OSG
14 May 2007
2135-v3 Data queuing in SAMGrid Andrew Baranovski High Performance Computing
Data Movement and Storage
D0 Run2
09 May 2007
2146-v1 Status of gLexec and LIGO Authentication project Igor Sfiligoi Grid
08 May 2007
2145-v1 VOMRS Status Tanya Levshina Grid
08 May 2007
2144-v1 VO Service Project status report Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
08 May 2007
2142-v1 SAML-2-XACML-2 AuthZ Query Interface Frank Siebenlist Grid
07 May 2007
2141-v1 OSG, EGEE, and Globus on AuthZ Callout - May 03, 2007 - Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
07 May 2007
2140-v1 Obligation-related snippets from the xacml-2 core specification. Frank Siebenlist Grid
07 May 2007
2133-v1 XACML Service Interface Rachana Ananthakrishnan Grid
02 May 2007
2124-v1 Globus XACML AuthZ library Rachana Ananthakrishnan Grid
30 Apr 2007
2115-v1 OSG Group contribution to OSG Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
24 Apr 2007
2094-v1 Grid Interface for New Job Types Parag A Mhashilkar D0 Run2
11 Apr 2007
2084-v1 Minutes Addendum Frank Siebenlist OSG
06 Apr 2007
2081-v1 Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
03 Apr 2007
2050-v1 Workload Management Systems Evaluation and Integration Burt Holzman et al. OSG
Testbed and Grids
13 Mar 2007
2049-v1 The OSG Resource Selection Service Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
13 Mar 2007
2048-v1 glideinWMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
13 Mar 2007
2034-v1 FermiGrid Facility Keith Chadwick et al. FermiGrid
27 Feb 2007
2032-v1 D0 reprocessing on OSG facilities. Issue report. Andrew Baranovski OSG
26 Feb 2007
2019-v1 Minutes of the VO Services and GLobus Collaboration Meeting on Feb 14, 2007 Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
15 Feb 2007
2018-v1 XML Message between PEP and GUMS Igor Sfiligoi Grid
14 Feb 2007
2017-v1 FNAL-AuthZ Meeting Frank Siebenlist Grid
14 Feb 2007
1886-v1 SAZ Keith Chadwick Grid
07 Nov 2006
1824-v1 Meeting Minutes - Privilege Project meets Globus Toolkit - Oct 23 2006 Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
27 Oct 2006
1816-v1 Privilege Project Overview - Tanya's Talk at APAC2006 Tanya Levshina OSG
25 Oct 2006
1807-v1 Globus Toolkit Security Java Component Rachana Ananthakrishnan OSG
23 Oct 2006
1806-v1 Storage Authorization using Globus Ted Hesselroth OSG
23 Oct 2006
1795-v2 SAZ Keith Chadwick OSG
23 Oct 2006
1800-v1 gLite Authentication model - our understanding Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1798-v1 Privilege Priject Component: GUMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1796-v2 PRIMA presentation Vikram Andem et al. OSG
20 Oct 2006
1797-v1 gPlazma - Access Authorization to Storage Ted Hesselroth OSG
20 Oct 2006
1438-v1 Filecules in High-Energy Physics: Characteristics and Impact on Resource Management Gabriele Garzoglio High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
19 Oct 2006
1284-v2 FermiGrid Status Keith Chadwick Reviews
19 Oct 2006
1425-v2 Grid Resource Selection for D0 and OSG Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
D0 Run2
19 Oct 2006
1785-v1 VOMRS Tanya Levshina OSG
19 Oct 2006
1784-v1 Privilege Project Overview Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
19 Oct 2006
1427-v2 GDM April 18th 2006 Ruth Pordes Grid
18 Apr 2006
1422-v2 VO Privilege - Security Services project Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
18 Apr 2006
1423-v2 GlideCAF Status Igor Sfiligoi CDF Run2
18 Apr 2006
1362-v1 Frontier validation and deployment Petar Maksimovic Computing Infrastructure
CDF Run2
28 Feb 2006
1291-v1 SRM GDM Report Timur Perelmutov Data Movement and Storage
29 Nov 2005
974-v1 Grid Services/ VO Management Status report Tanya Levshina Grid
30 Aug 2005
656-v0 Voprivilege Product Documentation Anne Heavey Legacy Software Products
27 Jul 2005
655-v0 Vomrs Product Documentation Anne Heavey Legacy Software Products
27 Jul 2005
654-v0 Saz Product Documentation Tanya Levshina Legacy Software Products
27 Jul 2005
849-v1 Grid Accounting Project Definition Philippe Canal Grid
27 May 2005
777-v1 FermiGrid Status Report - 11-Apr-2005 Keith Chadwick None
11 Apr 2005
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