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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5340-v2 Active Archive Facilities Project Steve Jones et al. Scientific Computing Facilities
06 May 2014
5240-v1 The Fabric for Frontier Experiments Project at Fermilab Michael H Kirby CS Liaison
Neutrino Program
01 Nov 2013
4761-v1 Integration of Billing (Accounting) Plots into DCache (2.1+) Unknown Scientific Computing Facilities
29 May 2012
3910-v1 OSG End-To-End Information Systems (Recommendations) Anthony Tiradani OSG
14 May 2010
2527-v1 Grid Security & Grid Services Research Topics Eileen Berman et al. Grid
30 Nov 2007
2203-v2 FY08 Tactical Plan for Grid Security Don Petravick Tactical Plans
07 Nov 2007
2499-v1 Introduction for Budget 08 Presentation Eileen Berman Grid
07 Nov 2007
2488-v1 Grid Coordination Meeting on WMS Introduction Eileen Berman Grid
06 Nov 2007
2446-v1 Gris Security Activities Eileen Berman Grid
25 Sep 2007
2444-v1 WMS Related Security Activities Igor Sfiligoi Grid
25 Sep 2007
2443-v1 OSG Security Mine Altunay Grid
25 Sep 2007
2442-v1 Grid Services Activities on Security Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
25 Sep 2007
2207-v1 CDF Grid Strategy Stephan Lammel et al. CDF Run2
19 Jun 2007
2206-v1 Overview for Grid Coordination Meeting - June 19, 2007 Eileen Berman FermiGrid
19 Jun 2007
2155-v1 Overview of Computing at Fermilab Don Petravick High Performance Computing
15 May 2007
2126-v1 Grid Coordination Meeting - May 1, 2007 Eileen Berman Grid
01 May 2007
2114-v1 OSG Status Report Gene Oleynik OSG
24 Apr 2007
2077-v1 gPlazma CHEP 2007 Ted Hesselroth Data Movement and Storage
02 Apr 2007
2036-v1 Grid Services Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
27 Feb 2007
2035-v0 SAMGrid Adam Lyon Grid
27 Feb 2007
1937-v2 Grid Accounting - Gratia Philippe Canal Grid
21 Nov 2006
1044-v1 OSG storage summary for the SRM collboration meeting Don Petravick Data Movement and Storage
19 Oct 2006
1426-v1 WAN Research Projects Philip DeMar Grid
18 Apr 2006
924-v1 Storage, Networking, and Data Management Don Petravick Data Movement and Storage
29 Oct 2005
780-v1 Booth Layout Proposals John C Urish None
25 Aug 2005
544-v2 Tools for GRID deployment of CDF offline and SAM data handling systems for Summer 2004 computing. Andrew Baranovski et al. None
20 Jan 2005
481-v0 Draft Requirements for a CMS Data Management System Anzar Afaq et al. Phys Analysis Facility Support
09 Sep 2004
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