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6498-v1 NLIT 2018 - The Long Road to True Single Sign On at Fermilab Al Lilianstrom et al. NLIT
02 Jul 2018
5407-v1 Modernizing application integrations with a data integration hub Scott W Nolan Minor Application
21 Aug 2014
5125-v2 NLIT 2013 - Virtualization and Cloud Computing in Support of Science at Fermilab Keith Chadwick Shared Systems and Services
04 Jun 2013
5122-v1 Fermilab Site Report, NLIT 2013, Santa Fe NM Mark Kaletka et al. Shared Systems and Services
CS Office & Governance
04 Jun 2013
5126-v1 NLIT2013 Problem Management: Facing Challenges and Advocating for Success Jerry Guglielmo Problem Management
04 Jun 2013
5139-v1 NLIT 2013 Highlights Mark Kaletka Shared Systems and Services
29 May 2013
4754-v1 NLIT 2012: Authentication at Fermilab Al Lilianstrom Shared Systems and Services
11 Jan 2013
4293-v1 Virtualization and Cloud Computing at Fermilab Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
16 Jun 2011
3168-v2 ITIL & ISO20000 Implementation Roadmap at Fermilab Mark Kaletka et al. High Performance Computing
ITIL Processes and Functions
Tune IT Up
18 Feb 2010
3169-v3 Transforming a Helpdesk into an ITIL Service Desk Mark Kaletka et al. Service Desk
28 May 2009
3166-v1 Network Information and Monitoring Infrastructure (NIMI) Vladimir Bravov et al. Networks
02 Apr 2009
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