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4083-v18 Availability Management ITIL Process Documents (Published) Anthony Donzelli Availability Management
25 Sep 2020
7027-v2 Fermilab Policy on Export Control and Computing Tammy Whited Computer Security
01 Jun 2020
3172-v11 Fermilab Authentication Policy For the GCE Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
24 Apr 2020
5194-v2 Policy on Retrieving Items from Excess Irwin Gaines Procedures
25 Sep 2019
5195-v3 Policy on Printers, Copiers and Other Imaging Devices Irwin Gaines Procedures
23 Jul 2019
2336-v16 Fermilab Remote Access Policy Ron Cudzewicz et al. Policies and Procedures
16 Jul 2019
2134-v2 Personally Identifiable Information Policy (PII) Irwin Gaines Policies and Procedures
05 Jun 2019
3978-v9 Fermilab Email Account Policy Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
06 Mar 2019
2963-v4 Fermilab Personal Computing Environmental Policy Quinton Healy et al. PC Servers and Support
06 Nov 2018
4807-v2 Policy Prohibiting Web Server Directory Listing Irwin Gaines et al. Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
14 Jan 2015
5325-v1 Project Management Lite Guidelines Steve Jones Procedures
25 Mar 2014
4303-v1 MX Record Policies Peter Rzeminski II Mail
06 May 2011
2985-v1 CHEP09 Abstract - SVOPME: A Scalable Virtual Organization Privileges Management Environment Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
19 May 2009
1740-v1 Lambda Station project: Presentation and paper for Gridnets2006 workshop Andrey Bobyshev et al. CS Office & Governance
04 Oct 2006
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