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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5768-v1 Fermilab Directorate website redo — Project documents Maura Barone et al. Project Management
31 Oct 2016
5636-v3 FTBF Enhanced Web Presence—Project Documents Katherine Lato et al. Project Management
01 Sep 2016
5424-v1 Budget and Planning System (BPS) program documents Julie Marsh Project Management
24 Sep 2014
3877-v1 FY11 USCMS Project Management Tactical Plan Lothar Bauerdick et al. FY2011 Tactical Plans
03 May 2010
3854-v0 Soft Funded Project Analysis Jim Weichel Grants & Federal Funding Projects
27 Apr 2010
3412-v1 FY10 Tactical Plan for Project Management and QA Bill Boroski FY2010 Tactical Plans
18 Sep 2009
3314-v1 Project Execution Plan for the SC Lattice QCD Computing Project Extension (LQCD-ext) Bill Boroski Lattice QCD
20 Aug 2009
2013-v1 dCache and SRM Projects: Status update, February 2007 Timur Perelmutov Data Movement and Storage
20 Feb 2009
2882-v1 US-CMS Project Management Tactical Plan Ian Fisk FY2009 Tactical Plans
05 Sep 2008
2441-v1 Control Room Logbook Suzanne Gysin CS Office & Governance
25 Sep 2007
2256-v1 Computer Security Status Report 6-27-2007 Ron Cudzewicz Computer Security
29 Jun 2007
1824-v1 Meeting Minutes - Privilege Project meets Globus Toolkit - Oct 23 2006 Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
27 Oct 2006
37-v1 Controling Access to DocDB Instances John C Urish Department Infrastructure
29 Oct 2005
838-v7 WebPortal Support Center for the OSG Marcia A Teckenbrock OSG
19 Oct 2006
19-v1 SVX Run Ib Port Card/Junction Card Project Closeout Vince Pavlicek Engineering Support
09 Mar 2004
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