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3427-v14 Basic Computer Security Jessie J Pudelek Training & Education
Tune IT Up
24 May 2019
3430-v9 Security Essentials for Fermi Sysadmins Rebecca Bensinger Training & Education
Tune IT Up
19 Apr 2019
5884-v6 Security Basics for scientists and anyone who uses scientific tools Jeny Teheran Computer Security
13 Jun 2018
5839-v1 Citrix Multi-Factor Authentication Environment Technical Risk Assessment Mike Rosier Shared Systems and Services
07 Sep 2016
5696-v7 DAQ Systems and Cyber Security Joe Klemencic Computer Security
06 Apr 2016
4887-v7 Security Essentials for Desktop System Admins Greg Cisko Computer Security
Education and Outreach
06 Nov 2015
5160-v0 Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) For Workday, Inc. Ron Cudzewicz Policies and Procedures
Computer Security
11 Jul 2013
3431-v6 Security Essentials for Fermilab System Administrators Keith Chadwick et al. Training & Education
Tune IT Up
09 Dec 2011
3429-v3 Establishing Grid Trust with Fermilab Mine Altunay et al. Grid
04 Feb 2010
2984-v1 CHEP09 Abstract - A Code Inspection Process for Security Reviews Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
19 May 2009
3021-v2 A Code Inspection Process for Security Reviews Gabriele Garzoglio Computer Security
06 Mar 2009
2781-v1 A Minimalistic Approach to End-to-End Protection of Grid Job Payloads Don Petravick et al. Grid
28 Jul 2008
2582-v1 End-to-end security in the Grid - - et al. Computer Security
18 Jan 2008
2061-v2 Addressing the Pilot Security Problem With gLExec Igor Sfiligoi Grid
05 Oct 2007
2081-v1 Minutes Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
03 Apr 2007
1824-v1 Meeting Minutes - Privilege Project meets Globus Toolkit - Oct 23 2006 Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
27 Oct 2006
1816-v1 Privilege Project Overview - Tanya's Talk at APAC2006 Tanya Levshina OSG
25 Oct 2006
1807-v1 Globus Toolkit Security Java Component Rachana Ananthakrishnan OSG
23 Oct 2006
1806-v1 Storage Authorization using Globus Ted Hesselroth OSG
23 Oct 2006
1800-v1 gLite Authentication model - our understanding Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1798-v1 Privilege Priject Component: GUMS Igor Sfiligoi OSG
20 Oct 2006
1796-v2 PRIMA presentation Vikram Andem et al. OSG
20 Oct 2006
1730-v1 Sepetember 2006 PC Manager Meeting Mark Leininger et al. Computer Security
19 Oct 2006
1784-v1 Privilege Project Overview Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
19 Oct 2006
1393-v1 PC Manager Meeting March 2006 Jack Schmidt PC Managers Meetings
29 Mar 2006
1326-v1 PC Manager Meeting Slides January 2006 Ken Fidler et al. PC Managers Meetings
25 Jan 2006
519-v1 Network Information and Management Infrastructure Project Matt Crawford et al. None
27 Sep 2004
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