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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5372-v7 Central Web Service: Site Owner Manual Peter Rzeminski II Web
30 Oct 2019
3274-v7 Service Level Management ITIL Process Documents (Published) Jack Schmidt et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
Service Level Management
28 Oct 2012
5378-v8 FNAL Procurement Services Udaya Manikonda Service Level Management
26 Apr 2019
5622-v1 Capriza Technical Risk Assessment Mike Rosier Shared Systems and Services
27 Oct 2017
5900-v1 Central Web Hosting - Apache Tomcat Documents Andrew Duranceau et al. ITIL Processes and Functions
27 Oct 2017
6164-v1 Central Web Service Apache Tomcat Quick Start Guide Andrew Duranceau Web
08 Sep 2017
5375-v3 Central Web Hosting: Content Access Manual Peter Rzeminski II Web
10 Dec 2015
5589-v2 Central Web Hosting - WordPress SaaS Documentation Peter Rzeminski II ITIL Processes and Functions
06 Nov 2015
5544-v1 Recommendations for Service-Now Availability Reporting Enhancements Keith Chadwick Availability Management
14 Apr 2015
5513-v1 Recommendations for Outage Record Management and Service Availability Commitments Keith Chadwick ITIL Processes and Functions
Availability Management
23 Feb 2015
5352-v1 Build Service Charter (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5320) Steve Jones High Performance Computing
Experiment/Scientific Program
Minor Application
22 Jul 2014
4668-v1 Records Management for Service Support Tim Currie Policies and Procedures
Document Management
CS Office & Governance
23 Feb 2012
3302-v9 FermiCloud Testing and Development Platform Project Plan Steven Timm FermiCloud
02 Nov 2012
3807-v2 ITIL Service Continuity Process and Procedures V0.3 (Deprecated) Rich Karuhn ITIL Processes and Functions
10 Sep 2012
4629-v1 Service Now Implementation Documentation Tim Currie et al. Major Application
Service Desk
19 Jan 2012
4363-v1 ISO 20K---Word from the Front Lines Tim Currie ITIL Processes and Functions
Education and Outreach
29 Jun 2011
2903-v11 FermiGrid Service Level Agreements Keith Chadwick Service Level Management
13 Jun 2011
3485-v0 Root Cause Analysis for PBI000000000057 CDF dCache prolonged outage incident 09/22/2009-09/23/2009 Angela Bellavance et al. Problem Management
09 Oct 2009
3811-v2 SAZ Server/Service Performance Testing Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
13 Apr 2010
3806-v1 Metrics Correlation and Analysis - Compute Technique Seminar Andrew Baranovski Computing Techniques Seminars
08 Apr 2010
3498-v1 ReSS Phase II: Stakeholders Meeting on October 22, 2009 Parag A Mhashilkar OSG
22 Oct 2009
3497-v1 ReSS Phase II Project Definition Document Parag A Mhashilkar OSG
22 Oct 2009
2746-v1 Close-out of the ReSS Phase I Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
30 Jun 2008
2490-v1 The Resource Selection Service: Direction and Plan Gabriele Garzoglio Grid
06 Nov 2007
1785-v1 VOMRS Tanya Levshina OSG
19 Oct 2006
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