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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1598-v1 CSI Design Note Template Jack Schmidt PC Servers and Support
15 Jul 2010
1696-v1 PC Manager Meeting August 2006 Jack Schmidt PC Managers Meetings
High Performance Computing
15 Jul 2010
1781-v1 fixprt-user-guide Ken Fidler PC Servers and Support
14 Jul 2010
2878-v1 FY09 Strategic Plan for Central Services Mark Kaletka et al. Shared Systems and Services
FY2009 Strategic Plans
04 Sep 2008
2212-v1 FY08 Strategic Plan for Central Services Mark Kaletka Strategic Plans
20 Jun 2007
1545-v2 Apple Support Project Jack Schmidt Mac Servers and Support
26 Dec 2006
1552-v1 FNAL Configuration Management Jack Schmidt Windows Servers and Support
Mac Servers and Support
Computer Security
26 Oct 2006
1570-v1 Apple OSX Configuration Management Project Cele Bruce et al. Computer Security
26 Jun 2006
1643-v1 SL 5 Development Server Design Note Connie Sieh Apache
26 Oct 2006
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