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CS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3393-v4 BudgetInput Technical Reference Penelope Constanta et al. Budget and Financial Support
10 Dec 2012
4543-v1 ESE budget 2011-2012 Gustavo Cancelo Budget and Financial Support
08 Nov 2011
3509-v1 FY10 Budget Presentation to the Directorate Vicky White Budget and Financial Support
02 Nov 2009
3279-v2 Storage Services for the Fermilab Grid Facility Gabriele Garzoglio Work Planning and Budgeting
26 Oct 2009
3464-v1 2010 ES&H Budget and Tactical Plan Presentation Amy Pavnica FY2010 Tactical Plans
05 Oct 2009
2931-v1 FY09 Desktop & Server Support Tactical Plan and Budget Presentation Wayne Baisley et al. Mac Servers and Support
PC Managers Meetings
26 Sep 2008
2898-v1 FY09 Tactical Plan Review Presentation EXAMPLE Bill Boroski et al. FY2009 Tactical Plans
23 Sep 2008
2784-v1 Computing Division Strategic Plan FY09 Vicky White FY2009 Strategic Plans
30 Jul 2008
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