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7027-v2 Fermilab Policy on Export Control and Computing Tammy Whited Computer Security
01 Jun 2020
5485-v1 Scientific Linux Systems Engineering - Extended Hours Support Systems Rennie Scott Service Level Management
26 Oct 2016
5833-v1 LPC CAF description Oliver Gutsche et al. US-CMS User Facilities
15 Aug 2016
5705-v1 Offline Production Operations Service (OPOS) Ramp Down Plan Tanya Levshina et al. FIFE
30 Mar 2016
5673-v1 Mu2e Offline & Computing Review March 2015 Report Oliver Gutsche Reviews
06 Jan 2016
5672-v1 MicroBooNE Offline and Computing Review February 2015 Report Oliver Gutsche Reviews
06 Jan 2016
4454-v5 Mobile Device Security Christopher Sheppard Training & Education
06 Nov 2015
5488-v1 On-demand Computing for Scientific Workflows using Amazon Web Services Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiCloud
15 Dec 2014
5352-v1 Build Service Charter (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5320) Steve Jones High Performance Computing
Experiment/Scientific Program
Minor Application
22 Jul 2014
5364-v1 A Reference Model For Virtual Machine Launching Overhead Gerard Bernabeu et al. FermiCloud
02 Jun 2014
5329-v1 ISGC 2014: On-demand Services for the Scientific Program at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio FermiCloud
26 Mar 2014
5077-v3 CHEP 2013 - Grids, Virtualization and Clouds at Fermilab Keith Chadwick et al. Shared Systems and Services
03 Dec 2013
3597-v7 NOvA MoU with the Computing Division (DEPRECATED - REPLACED BY DOCUMENT NUMBER 4768) Lee Lueking et al. NOvA
05 Oct 2013
5125-v2 NLIT 2013 - Virtualization and Cloud Computing in Support of Science at Fermilab Keith Chadwick Shared Systems and Services
04 Jun 2013
4082-v10 Intensity Frontier Computing Model and GRID Tools Robert Illingworth et al. Neutrino Program
12 Jan 2013
4972-v1 CMS Computing Operations Oliver Gutsche Support
19 Dec 2012
3302-v9 FermiCloud Testing and Development Platform Project Plan Steven Timm FermiCloud
02 Nov 2012
4925-v1 Idle Virtual Machine detection for FermiCloud Gabriele Garzoglio et al. FermiCloud
03 Oct 2012
4606-v1 Towards a global monitoring system for CMS computing operations (CHEP 2012 Abstract) Lothar Bauerdick CMS Support
22 Jun 2012
4519-v1 A new era for central processing and production in CMS Oliver Gutsche CMS Support
15 Jun 2012
4703-v3 Experience with Globus Online at Fermilab - Globus World 2012 Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Grid
11 Apr 2012
4503-v2 FY2012 Tactical Plan for Intensity Frontier Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
FY2012 Tactical Plans
03 Nov 2011
4520-v1 No file left behind - monitoring transfer latencies in PhEDEx Oliver Gutsche CMS Support
01 Nov 2011
3205-v8 Fermilab Neutrino Program Computing Resource Needs Assessment Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
17 Oct 2011
4293-v1 Virtualization and Cloud Computing at Fermilab Keith Chadwick FermiGrid
16 Jun 2011
3925-v4 Authentication, Authorization, and Contextualization in FermiCloud Amitoj Singh et al. FermiGrid
13 Oct 2010
4050-v1 Cloud Computing Seminar Sebastien Goasguen Communications & Outreach
14 Sep 2010
3977-v1 FermiCloud status Steven Timm FermiGrid
21 Jun 2010
3935-v1 FCC Power Capacity Status May 10-17, 2010 Tim Kasza Computer Facility Support
21 May 2010
3894-v1 FCC Power Capacity Status May 3-10, 2010 Tim Kasza Computer Facility Support
11 May 2010
3853-v1 FCC Power Capacity Status April 19th-26th Tim Kasza Computer Facility Support
27 Apr 2010
3841-v1 FCC Power Capacity Status April 12th-19th Tim Kasza Computer Facility Support
23 Apr 2010
3809-v1 FCC Power Capacity Status April 5th-12th, 2010 Tim Kasza Computer Facility Support
12 Apr 2010
3805-v1 Intensity Frontier Ops Summary for IF-CD meeting Lee Lueking Neutrino Program
08 Apr 2010
3512-v1 Mathematical Interfaces of Automated Computing - - Simulation
02 Nov 2009
3511-v1 Creating Secure Software - - Computing Techniques Seminars
Computer Security
Tune IT Up
02 Nov 2009
3509-v1 FY10 Budget Presentation to the Directorate Vicky White Budget and Financial Support
02 Nov 2009
3419-v3 FY10 for Central Services for IT/Software Licenses Cele Bruce FY2010 Tactical Plans
25 Sep 2009
3175-v4 Computing for Neutrino Experiments Workshop Summary Lee Lueking et al. Neutrino Program
05 May 2009
2869-v4 FY09 Tactical Plan for CMS Distributed Computing Tools Dave Evans FY2009 Tactical Plans
24 Sep 2008
2590-v1 FermiGrid Virtualization and Xen Steven Timm Computing Techniques Seminars
28 Feb 2008
2483-v1 Making Science in the Grid World: Using Glideins to Maximize Scientific Output Igor Sfiligoi Dist Computing Applications
High Performance Computing
Testbed and Grids
01 Nov 2007
1089-v1 D0 Requirements and Budget Mike Diesburg None
17 Aug 2007
1088-v1 D0 Production status and plans Mike Diesburg None
17 Aug 2007
1087-v1 D0 Reco Status and plans - - None
17 Aug 2007
1086-v1 D0 Computing Model and Operational Status Gustaaf Brooijmans None
17 Aug 2007
1085-v1 RunII Department Amber Boehnlein None
17 Aug 2007
1084-v1 Grid and Security Development Projects Ruth Pordes None
17 Aug 2007
1082-v1 Application Support Lee Lueking None
17 Aug 2007
1079-v1 CDF Data Handling Rick St Denis None
17 Aug 2007
1077-v1 SAMGrid Wyatt Merritt None
17 Aug 2007
1076-v1 Data Movement and Storage Eileen Berman None
17 Aug 2007
1075-v1 Networking Philip DeMar None
17 Aug 2007
1073-v1 Charge to committee, closed session - - None
17 Aug 2007
1074-v1 RunII Computing Overview Philip DeMar None
17 Aug 2007
1081-v1 CDF Requirements and budget Erica Snider None
17 Aug 2007
1080-v1 CDF Production status and plans Ashutosh Kotwal None
17 Aug 2007
1083-v1 Core Services Mark Kaletka None
17 Aug 2007
2111-v1 Advanced Computing Oliver Gutsche Reviews
22 Apr 2007
1177-v1 Computing Division Self Assessment FY04 - - CS Self Assessments
26 Oct 2006
1178-v1 Computing Division Self Assessment FY03 - - CS Self Assessments
26 Oct 2006
1179-v1 Computing Division Self Assessment FY02 - - CS Self Assessments
26 Oct 2006
1072-v1 CDF Main Planning Documents - - None
29 Sep 2005
1045-v1 Answers to Review Questions Ashutosh Kotwal None
15 Sep 2005
1037-v2 CDF Run II Annual Computing Plan and Budget for the FY 2006 Pasha Murat None
14 Sep 2005
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