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6158-v1 Charge on Future Data Management 28 Aug, 2017 Michael H Kirby et al. Data Management
28 Aug 2017
5903-v2 CHEP 2016 - Big Data” in HEP: A comprehensive use case study Oliver Gutsche Experiment/Scientific Program
31 Jan 2017
5719-v0 Taking HEP data management outside of HEP Ian Fisk et al. Grid
18 Apr 2016
5465-v1 The Multicore-aware Data Transfer Middleware Project (MDTM) Wenji Wu et al. High Performance Computing
30 Oct 2014
5442-v1 ROOT 6 and beyond: TObject, C++14 and many cores. Philippe Canal Experiment/Scientific Program
High Performance Computing
17 Oct 2014
5063-v2 CHEP 2013 - Big Data over a 100G Network at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Networks
31 Oct 2013
5238-v1 Big Data Saba Sehrish High Performance Computing
28 Oct 2013
5025-v1 100G R&D for Big Data at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Networks
R & D
23 Sep 2013
5111-v1 TIP2013 and GlobusWorld2013 summary at the SCD leaders meeting Gabriele Garzoglio Networks
26 Apr 2013
5054-v1 OSG AHM 2013 - 100Gbits/s R&D at Fermilab Dave Dykstra et al. Grid
14 Mar 2013
4988-v1 TIP 2013 - 100G R&D at Fermilab Gabriele Garzoglio R & D
18 Jan 2013
4957-v1 Data and Software Preservation for Big Data BoF: Libraries and Large Data Elisabeth M. Long Communications & Outreach
12 Nov 2012
4911-v1 High Throughput Data at FNAL Gabriele Garzoglio et al. Networks
19 Sep 2012
4597-v1 An Analysis of Bulk Data Movement Patterns in Large-scale Scientific Collaborations Wenji Wu Scientific Computing Facilities
High Performance Computing
07 Jan 2012
3919-v5 A method of searching LDAP directories using XQuery Ted Hesselroth SciDAC
Major Application
High Performance Computing
Open Science Enclave
29 Nov 2010
3267-v6 MCAS requirements document Andrew Baranovski Grid
03 Aug 2009
3011-v1 Ensuring Data Consistency Over CMS Distributed Computing System Paul Rossman Dist Computing Applications
14 May 2009
1651-v1 Distributed Data Access and Resource Management in the D0 SAM System Lauri Loebel Carpenter et al. High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
16 Dec 2008
2993-v0 ROOT: Support For Significant Evolutions of the User Data Model Philippe Canal Event Data Model
Experiment/Scientific Program
12 Nov 2008
2991-v1 Development and Commissioning of the CMS Tier0 Dave Evans Dist Computing Applications
12 Nov 2008
2769-v1 Fermilab Comments on Draft IG Report on "Management of Data Centers at Contractor sites" Vicky White Computer Security
16 Jul 2008
2738-v1 Economics of the storage management Andrew Baranovski Data Movement and Storage
26 Jun 2008
2059-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Gabriele Garzoglio OSG
D0 Run2
27 Nov 2007
2461-v1 DZero Data-Intensive Computing on the Open Science Grid Brad Abbott et al. OSG
08 Oct 2007
2258-v1 SAM data handling certification and testing. draft Andrew Baranovski Data Movement and Storage
27 Jun 2007
2135-v3 Data queuing in SAMGrid Andrew Baranovski Data Movement and Storage
High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
09 May 2007
2058-v1 The CMS Dataset Bookkeeping Service Anzar Afaq et al. Dist Computing Applications
27 Mar 2007
1650-v1 Distributed Data Access in the Sequential Access Model at the D0 Experiment at Fermilab Igor Terekhov High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
19 Oct 2006
1438-v1 Filecules in High-Energy Physics: Characteristics and Impact on Resource Management Gabriele Garzoglio SAMGrid
High Performance Computing
D0 Run2
19 Oct 2006
1424-v2 SRM Status Timur Perelmutov Data Movement and Storage
18 Apr 2006
1256-v6 CHEP06: Investigating the behavior of network aware applications with flow- based path selection. Andrey Bobyshev et al. Networks
09 Feb 2006
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