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The Node Procurement Economic Model

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Mark Fischler
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13 Sep 2005, 18:01
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When developing a model and recipe to design beneficial (and defensible)
sets of criteria for evaluating bids for node acquisitions, it is essential
to model the values of acquiring various levels of computing power. Here
we discuss the underlying theory of such value curves. We present the form
taken by the curves, and the set of information that goes into determining
the parameters within that form.
We outline a mechanism for processing that information to obtain the value
curve for acquisitions.

If the value curve can be determined in a way which depends only on
well-understood parameters, and the theory can be explained sufficiently
simply, then this value should feed into the model and
recipe for node acqusition evaluation formulae.
We will show, however, that these properties of being simple and cleanly
justifiable do not hold, leading to the conclusion that a different
(and simpler) mode of approximation is called for.

This study supports the node acquistion recipe, which will be
part of the product of the FNAL CD Node Procurement Task Force.

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