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CHEP06: Investigating the behavior of network aware applications with flow- based path selection.

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To satisfy the requirements of US-CMS, D0, CDF, SDSS and other experiments, Fermilab has established an optical path to the StarLight exchange point in Chicago. It gives access to multiple advanced research networks, such as UltraScience Net, UltraLight, UKLight, and others. These networks offer very high bandwidth capacity that is generally unavailable via production network paths. The Lambda Station project is developing a path forwarding system for interfacing production mass storage clusters with these experimental networks to enable efficient bulk data movement. The goal is to design a system capable of alternate path forwarding on a per flow basis. One important aspect of this project is investigating the behavior of end-node operating systems and applications in the presence of per-flow rerouting. This article introduces ourfindings and current status of the research in this area. Our focus is on Linux as the operating system, and SRM (Storage Resource Manager), GridFTP, and dCache as network aware applications.
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CHEP2006 held from 13 Feb 2006 to 17 Feb 2006 in Mumbai, India
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