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The CMS Simulation Validation Suite

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16 Nov 2005, 10:11
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Monte Carlo simulations are a critical component of physics analysis in a large HEP experiment such as CMS. The validation of the simulation sofware is therefore
essencial to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the Monte Carlo samples. CMS is developing a Simulation Validation Suite (SVS) consisting of a set of packages
associated with the different sub-detector systems: tracker, electromagnetic calorimeter, hadronic calorimeter, and muon detector. The Suite also contains
packages to verify detector geometry parameters, and the magnetic field. Each package consists of one or more tests running on single particle or collider samples,
producing distributions of validation quantities which are checked against reference values. The tests are performed at different levels or modes, to verify from the basic objects such as "hits" to more complex physics quantities such as resolutions,and shower profiles.

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