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CHEP06: FermiGrid Status and Plans

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Stuart C. Fuess
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Stuart C. Fuess
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15 Feb 2006, 09:14
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15 Feb 2006, 09:14
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19 Oct 2006, 15:46
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Title: FermiGrid - Status and Plans

FermiGrid is a cooperative project across the Fermilab Computing Division and its stakeholders which includes the following 4 key components: Centrally Managed & Supported Common Grid Services, Stakeholder Bilateral Interoperability, Development of OSG Interfaces for Fermilab and Exposure of the Permanent Storage System. The
initial goals, current status and future plans for FermiGrid will be presented.

Primary Authors:
Dr. KEITH, Chadwick (Fermilab) <chadwick@fnal.gov>


Abstract presenters:
Dr. KEITH, Chadwick

Track classification:
Grid middleware and e-Infrastructure operation

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CHEP2006 held from 13 Feb 2006 to 17 Feb 2006 in Mumbai, India
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