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CHEP06: Lightweight deployment of the SAM grid data handling systemto new experiments.

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Art Kreymer
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Art Kreymer
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17 Feb 2006, 11:44
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17 Feb 2006, 11:44
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19 Oct 2006, 16:00
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The SAM data handling system has been deployed successfully
by the Fermilab D0 and CDF experiments, managing Petabytes of data and millions of files in a Grid working environment.
D0 and CDF have large computing support staffs,
have always managed their data using file catalog systems,
and have participated strongly in the development of the SAM product.
But we think that SAM's long term viability requires
a much wider deployment to variety of future customers,
with minimal support and training cost and without customization
of the SAM software.
The recent production deployment of SAM to the Minos experiment has been a
good first step in this direction.
Minos is a smaller experiment, with under 30 terabytes of data
in about 600,000 files, and no history of using a file catalog.
We will discuss the Minos deployment and its short time scale,
how it has provided useful new capabilities to Minos,
and where we have room for improvement.
The acceptance of SAM by Minos has depended critically on several
new capabilities of SAM, including the C++ API, the frozen client software,
and SAM Web Services.
We will discuss lessons learned, will speculate on future deployments,
and will invite feedback from the audience in this regard.
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CHEP2006 held from 13 Feb 2006 to 17 Feb 2006 in Mumbai, India
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