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Potential Performance Bottleneck in Linux TCP

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Matt Crawford
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Matt Crawford
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26 Jul 2006, 11:49
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11 May 2007, 13:36
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11 May 2007, 13:45
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10 Nov 2006, 15:41
TCP is the most widely used transport protocol on the Internet today. Over the years, espe-cially recently, due to requirements of high bandwidth transmission, various approaches have been proposed to improve TCP performance. The Linux 2.6 kernel is now preempti-ble. It can be interrupted mid-task, making the system more responsive and interactive. However, we have noticed that Linux kernel preemption can interact badly with the per-formance of the networking subsystem. In this paper we investigate the performance bottleneck in Linux TCP. We systematically describe the trip of a TCP packet from its in-gress into a Linux network end system to its final delivery to the application; we study the performance bottleneck in Linux TCP through mathematical modeling and practical ex-periments; finally we propose and test one possible solution to resolve this performance bottleneck in Linux TCP.
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International Journal of Communication Systems, John Wiley & Sons
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