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Distributed Data Access and Resource Management in the D0 SAM System

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Igor Terekhov
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Igor Terekhov
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26 Jul 2006, 13:02
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26 Jul 2006, 13:02
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16 Dec 2008, 13:11
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SAM (Sequential Access through Meta-data) is the data
access and job management system for the D0 high energy
physics experiment at Fermilab. The SAM system is being
developed and used to handle the Petabyte-scale experiment
data, accessed by hundreds of D0 collaborators scattered
around the world. In this paper, we present solutions to
some of the distributed data processing problems from the
perspective of real experience dealing with mission-critical
data. We concentrate on the distributed disk caching, resource
management and job control. The system has elements
of the Grid Computing and has features applicable
to data-intensive computing in general.
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D0 Data Handling SAM
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