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The LCG Service Challenges and Service Ramp-Up

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The goal of the LHC Computing Grid (LCG) is to provide access to sufficient computational, storage and network resources to be able to fully exploit the scientific potential of the LHC. As part of the ramp-up of the LCG, a series of Service Challenges is foreseen. These challenges should be seen as an essential part of the on-going and long-term commitment to achieving the goal of a production quality world-wide Grid at a scale beyond what has previously been achieved in production. The global LHC Computing Grid provides access across grids in multiple administrative domains. This talk describes the overall goals and milestones of the Service Challenges, as well as aspects related more specifically to Tier1 and Tier2 sites, such as the services that they both offer and require and scenarios for their involvement.

Speaker: Jamie Shiers of CERN

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The LCG Service Challenges and Service Ramp-Up held on 20 Apr 2005 in FCC1W
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