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ALICE Grid Services --status and plans

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03 Nov 2006, 12:47
The ALICE experiment, similarly to the other LHC experiments, will be strongly dependent on a distributed computing infrastructure to realize its physics potential. This is an unprecedented situation that calls for a robust and functional Grid infrastructure. Unfortunately the Grid MiddleWare is still rather immature, and moreover it comes in several partially incompatible flavors. The solution that the experiments are adopting is to rely only on some very basic services provided by the major grids and to lay experiment-specific services over them. This talk will review what the ALICE 's experience is, with its home-grown grid services and what the plans are to integrate them into the existing grid infrastructures that will probably be adopted by the computing centers providing resources to the experiment.

Speaker: Federico Carminati of CERN

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ALICE Grid Services --status and plans held on 24 Mar 2005 in FCC1W
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