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Grid Operations - Grid3 Experience and the iGOC

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The International Virtual Data Grids Laboratory (iVDGL) Grid Operations Center (iGOC) at Indiana University supports the operations of the Grid3 infrastructure. The group worked with the iVDGL project team to integrate and provision Grid3 in 2003. Since then Grid3 has operated in support of the US LHC 2004 Data Challenges as well as SDSS data analysis, other simulations on the Grid, and for the development of new Grid technologies, applications, and processes. Grid3 has grown to 36 sites over the last year, incorporating various resources and allowing multi-disciplined applications. The support infrastructure will be described as well as lessons learned. Plans and preparations for operational support of the evolution of Grid3 for the first Open Science Grid deployment will also be described.

Speaker: Doug Pearson of Indiana University

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