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Three-Dimensional Parallel Computation of Nuclear Three-Body System

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Traditionally employed computational methods for three body scattering at higher energies using partial wave decomposition has intrinsic limitations, since with the increasing energies the number of channel proliferates, leading to increasing difficulties with respect to accuracy as well as CPU time and memory requirements. This is especially the case when genuine three-body forces are included. Thus, a reliable numerical algorithm without partial wave is essential. The objective of the work to be presented is to carry out Faddeev calculation of the three-body bound state and scattering state in a three dimensional momentum space. The computational issues include the construction of efficient algorithms, the organization and distribution of the calculation across multi processors with load balance, the optimization of the calculation on each processor and the further scaling of one process by invoking multi threads. Results of the three-body bound state with three-body forces and the scattering state at higher energies will be discussed together with the details of our numerical implementation for high performance. The calculations are carried out on the Beowulf Cluster at OSC, the Cray T3E-1200 at NIC and the IBM SP RS/6000 (Seaborg) at NERSC.

Speaker: Hang Liu

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